February 10, 2021


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Rachel Hatfield

3rd week at MTC

Hola hola hola!
Has it really only been a week since my last email? I feel like so much has happened my last email was years ago.
Our Spanish lessons have really jumped up in difficulty and speed this past week. I definitely have mixed feelings about this step...first, I am happy because we still have much to learn and very little time to learn it. On the other hand, I am stressed by the amount of information that I need to master! A comfort I have really latched onto is The Gift of Tongues. I have learned that this is not an immediate gift where you automatically know Spanish, but it is a gradual gift that comes with hard work and dedication. I know that as I do my best everyday, the Lord can consecrate my efforts and help me learn this beautiful (and complicated) language Español.

Yesterday I received an email from Missionary Travel including my flight plan and ticket to San Diego! No it is not a 10 minute flight, it just looked like it because of the time change. This email made me leaving on my mission seem very real all of a sudden. I am really truly going to San Diego! Look out California, Hermana Bailey is coming!

Sorry, I do not have any pictures this week so I will substitute with a funny story. A week or so ago my companion and I were teaching this woman from Mexico about prayer. We were doing our best to teach in Spanish, but when the communication got rough, she did know enough English to help us with the words. We asked her a question about prayer when she responded with "que padre!" The direct translation is "what father!" My companion and I thought this was a weird question,
but proceeded to describe our fathers to her, then got back on topic with our lesson. About 5 minutes later she said it again "que padre! Its cool!" We again stopped to explain both of our parents to her thinking we must have misunderstood her the first time. Finally at the end of our 10 minute lesson she finally said "'que padre' means
'it's cool'"...we ended up laughing for the rest of our time with her. My companion and I have made it a goal to use this new vocabulary often, and whenever we say "que padre" we still get a goofy grin on our faces.

Que padre! I love you all!

Hermana Bailey


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