August 24, 2017


Essen, Germany


Erica Fried

Blessings Drop from Heaven!?!

Family and Friends,

My split with Sister Jenkins was ok, I thought I’d take her to a member’s house to do an hour of service and then go dooring... well, it ended up taking the whole time! Let’s just say there was more cleaning to do than we expected, haha!

I also got rid of the mouse…at least one of them.... haha, I found out we have two!! The morning of my split, we found a trail of Twix paper! That little critter chewed a hole in my small handbag!.... Thank goodness it wasn’t the nice one from Wilsons...

Well, as you know, I got transferred!!! ESSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's awesome here and I love it! A lot of goodbyes and sadness though, because I love the members in Kaiserslautern, but I really love it here too :3 It's crazy busy!!

My transfer went so much smoother this time, haha! Sister Racca called the Mannheim Sisters for me to have the Elders come help with my luggage so I could catch my next connection. My train arrived on time, thankfully, and so not only was it smooth and I had help, but I also had time to go get myself water and talk with Elder Dotson for a bit. Then it was just nice being on the ICE, and, miracle of miracle, I got a good seat, and no one came to kick me out of it!! So, I got a good nap in too! :3 When I arrived to Dortmund the Sisters were there to help me get my stuff onto our train back to Essen. :3 I got to talk with Sister Fried about the area, we did some contacting later that evening and even met with one of our investigators named Yosef, he's from Iran and is super nice :3

Essen is exciting!!!!!!! :3 I love it here so far! It's a big city, kind of like Bonn... but bigger! It's not the prettiest, but it's great for the work! :3 I get to contact so much! Which I have missed doing. And then we have investigators and it's just awesome to teach regularly again! :3

Yesterday, something happened that I've never had before. We contacted these two African men and they were telling us about what they believe in Jesus Christ, it was all stuff we believe and I was really enjoying talking to them. They were very passionate about it. As we were talking to them, a guy walking by stopped, walked back, looked at my name tag, came round to me and asked me if he could get our card! I told him that he most definitely could, and gave him a card. He then said thank you and that he'd give us a call and then walked away. Then as we were still talking to these two Africans, another pair of guys were walking by and they stopped and asked us if we were Mormons, I told them yes, and they looked at each other, smiled and then told us "Gottes Segen" (God’s Blessings), haha, that never happens either! Then again, another stopped and wanted to talk to us, and then after that, a lady stopped us and asked if she could get a bible for her son, and she happens to live in our neighborhood! :3 It was awesome!! Then we went with Yosef and he started talking to some Persian people and got their contact info and invited them to church and they said they would come! :3 So it's been pretty fun to contact here :3

We had a lesson with an African guy the other day, he had one lesson previously about prophets and he was confused whether Adam was one. We explained and he said he understood now. We then taught the first lesson, the Restoration, to him and it was really good! He had a few really good questions and we were able to answer most of them to his understanding. Right as we finished though, something happened that I've never had happen to me before.... I was talking to him, and then out of nowhere I heard a splatter and felt something hit my iPad.... I looked and guess what it was.... a bird decided to let out a bomb..... It was all over my iPad screen!! XP haha The guy laughed, took my iPad and a tissue and started to clean it off for me. After he had gotten the nasty stuff off and wiped it, I took my GermX and put some on the screen. He said in Africa, they say it's a sign of good luck... hahahhahaha! X3

My new companion, Erica Fried, is pretty cool. :3 She's definitely a new missionary, but her German for only two transfers is actually really good! She went to BYUI before the mission, she likes books, and right now she's trying to eat more healthily! Which is a great adjustment for me after being around all that good ‘ol American food! Haha... she asked me if I wanted cereal and so I picked up some Cocoa Rice Krispies and she gave me this really questionable look, haha!

I've been reading in D&C and this one came across my way yesterday, and was really powerful to me. D&C 64: 9-10: Wherefore, I say unto you, that ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the greater sin. I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.

Through Christ we have the wonderful gift to be forgiven of our sins and wrong doings, but also, if we are to be forgiven we must also forgive others, like it says "it is required of you to forgive all men." Why would this be? Well, I've had experiences with this, I can testify that I know we are to forgive all. Not only because it is commanded of us, but also because when we do, we allow the full love of Christ and his atonement to change us, to make us whole. I know that when we do so, we will be able to feel a fullness of joy which is incomparable to any joy you can or have ever felt before. I know that God loves us and wants this happiness for us. I know it is not easy at times, but I can testify that it is freeing, and that it is possible. All things through Christ are, so trust him, and let him take it from you.

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you!!!!!!
Sister Jessica Freeman


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