August 10, 2017


Kaiserslautern, Germany


Sabrina Racca

Fasting and Prayers Bring Blessings!

My week to be honest has been good and rough... We have had lots of rain.... today it's 65 in Fahrenheit! Today we have a really busy P-day so I do not have as much time to write.

At zone conference we learned how to contact people with only a minute! X3 it was hard, but I was getting pretty good by the end of it! We also learned about being bold, to preach the word, and invite. For the musical number none of the missionaries knew it, so it wasn’t going to work, so I found a Hymn on my iPad that we could sing to the melody of Come Thou Fount, found someone who could play that, then practiced it twice before we had to go in! X3 It turned out good, thankfully, but if we had done that other one it would have crashed and burned it was so bad.... haha!

Yesterday Kate met with us and said she wasn't interested anymore... she's just too caught up on several issues that we have addressed but she disagrees... but it's ok, I could tell these past few times that she's not ready, it’s not her time.

My favorite lessons this week were with Malinda. We finished teaching the new member lessons and we taught her about baptisms for the dead, and why they're so special, but another reason why it was touching is because Malinda shared an awesome experience she had with fasting that day. She had accidentally paid her car payment twice and you apparently can't get the money for that back, so she was broke.... and she's moving to the States in a week, and she still has things to do/to pay for... well, guess what happened? She fasted and that morning, she went into work to get some things and a coworker came up to her and told her she was glad she came into work, and that she had something to give her.... $400, the exact amount that Malinda had lost! She had given this coworker $400 back in February but didn't expect anything back, it's now August and right when she needs it, the exact amount she lost, was given back! Isn't that cool! :3 We made her a special memory book for her farewell.

I know this church is true, that it is the church of God, that Christ is the Son of God. I know that through him, and only through him, can we receive the blessings of heaven and the blessing of an eternal family. I know they live and love us, I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that it contains the fullness of His gospel.

I wish you all a wonderful week! Sister Jessica Freeman


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