July 13, 2017


Kaiserslautern, Germany


Sabrina Racca

Answered Prayers!

Hello Family & Friends!

For p-day today we've just chilled, got some sleep, and cleaned the apartment. I found my favorite Gummy Bears this week!!!! The same kind I had in Darmstadt forever ago at a members house! I found them when we went to an Apotheke (pharmacy) with a member to get some stuff!! HAHA I’M SO EXCITED!!!! They taste really good!!!

Well, this week has been good, not much to do though because people are gone for the holiday, but we've done some service, and we're now going to get a lot busier with the new transfer info that we got Saturday night!!! WE ARE NOW OVER ALL THREE WARDS!!!!???? Haha it's going to be awesome! But we're not sure how that's going to work out yet. We made some district goals yesterday and we want to as a district have 40 new investigators this transfer and we talked about helping each other out in order to do that, so we will be trying to plan in more finding during the week in order to do so, which I'm excited for! This will include more street displays! We will get to know our neighbors and do some finding there. We will help members strengthen their relationships with their friends. We will help ward council members reach out to nonmembers and in-active members. We will try to be up on base every week at least twice for eating/finding. We had a meeting yesterday about it and we've come up with the plan that we'll rotate, so someone will go to the 8:30 church, then to that ward’s and the next ward’s council meetings and teach the mission prep class that night, and then other missionaries will go to the other two church meeting times and the last ward’s council meeting. So far we think it will work but we'll have to see... now, the meal appointments are going to get crazier than what they already were haha... there's just a lot to figure out right now....

The only person we got to teach this week was Malinda because everyone is gone for the holiday and Kate was sick. We talked a lot about God's plan for us and personal experiences with keeping the Sabbath Day holy and the blessings we've seen from doing so.

I learned this week that when we pray for something the Lord will answer it. It may not be in that very moment, but he will give us instruction on what we should do to receive our answers. Read 3 Nephi 14: 7-8, I know I've probably already shared this scripture but it's so good and it really rang true for me this week! We got to go to an African Restaurant with Brother Moses (he's not a member, but his wife is)! The food there was so good and you got to eat it with your hands! We learned what he struggles with regarding the church and we wanted to help resolve some of his concerns. Although, it was a bit rough for us physically at the time.... what do I mean by that? Well.... there was something in the air that was irritating our eyes, like an onion, and Sister Rocca got it the worst and her eyes were all red and just a waterfall! Then at one point I needed to blow my nose, so I did, but it immediately began to bleed! I had to run to the bathroom to stop it. I was so frustrated because he had just told us what his concerns were and I wanted to be there to help! After 8 minutes of trying to get it under control - it was still bleeding! so I said a prayer and asked God to make it stop so I could go help Brother Moses with his concerns. When I ended my prayer I had so much faith that it would be done and that I could go back, because it was for a very good reason... well, it didn’t stop and I was confused and asked “why?” I thought my intentions were good enough to have God just stop it for me, but then a small thought came to my head to try blowing again... I thought that was a bit of a crazy idea because normally that does the opposite of helping it stop bleeding... but I had tried everything else so I took some tissues and I did as the thought instructed... and guess what! My miracle came!!! As soon as I did it my nose stopped bleeding and I was able to go out and talk more with Brother Moses. It was a cool experience, it showed me that not always are answers given immediately after praying, even if there is a good reason or pure intent. But if we do our part, then eventually it will be answered.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! Love, Sister Jessica Freeman


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