May 11, 2017


Bonn Germany


Emma Voigtlaender

Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Exertion!

Dear Family and Friends,

My trainer, Sister Young, came to Bonn for p-day!!! She wanted to go see the sights in my area and visit with me, it was so great to see her again! I finally received the Easter/Birthday package my family sent to me nearly eight weeks ago! I received it after our split this week, along with the rest of the packages and letters and opened them all on Saturday night! I really liked the cookies, the letters, and the basket, which was adorable!:3 I loved all the scarfs too!! They are sooo cute! I also really like the hair thing, it reminded me of Mulan :3 It was all so fun! I loved all of it! Thank you!!!!!!! I am totally excited to SKYPE WITH MY MOM & FAMILY this Sunday!!!!!!!

We saw quite a few miracles this week :3 My favorite moment was Eric's birthday. It was on Monday and he invited us to go with him to a soccer game on Sunday to celebrate, but we told him that we can’t do those things as missionaries unless it’s a pday and also as members we desire to keep the Sabbath day holy. I explained that I could make him a cake and bring it to church on Sunday and we could celebrate his birthday there :3 He told me I didn't have to and that he might not come, but I told him I'd still make it and if he didn't come then to just know that we celebrated his birthday. Well he came!! Haha I was so happy, I had stayed up the night before until 12 making it! it wasn't super decorative or anything, I got a late start and didn't realize that it would take so long to bake... but he came and he told me that he had been out all night with friends and he didn't get home 'til 6 am, had an hour of sleep, and then came to church because he said he had been thinking about what I had said and wanted to be there, for God, and also to celebrate with us :3 He was sooo happy when he saw the cake and some members came and sang happy birthday to him and we lit the candles, and it was just so fun! He told us how grateful he was and then later that evening we got a call from him saying that he was so happy and that it was a very special birthday and that he wanted to change because of the members and how nice and welcoming they were to him, he said he wanted to make goals for now and for his future and that he was just so happy! He told us that a member invited him to go on the temple trip with them, he knows he can't go inside but he said he wants to go and see it and be with the ward! :3 it was cool.

We did a lot of contacting this week. My favorite was with this guy that was about to get in his car when we asked him if he had a few minutes to do a survey. He said sure and walked across the street to us. He stopped us after the first question and told us how he doesn't have a family so he couldn't continue the survey, but then he asked us what church we were from and when he heard we were Mormons he was like "oh ok!" And he asked us what the difference between us and other Christians is and we talked with him about the Book of Mormon and then he asked us how old our church was and how it came to be, we explained it to him a bit and how we believe it was restored through Joseph Smith and gave him a Restoration pamphlet and he was very happy to get it actually, he said he'd read it, told us thank you and then got in his car. We started walking home and after we got a little ways we heard someone call "Sisters!" It was the same guy, driving on the road beside us! He said he still had something he wanted to talk about and pulled over and came to talk to us again! He then handed us his business card and told us how he's very impressed with Christians and said that he owns a house in Köln that he would love to let anyone stay for free, so if we had anyone to have them give him a call and just let him know that it was us that told them about it and he'd let them stay for a week to 10 days for free! So that was cool, we told him he could also tell the Bishop in Köln about that and he said he'd give him a call, so that was quite interesting :3

We had zone conference this week. We watched a lot of amazing talks and videos about the Savior, and we heard the testimonies of some of the missionaries leaving and the spirit was just so strong during them, it literally felt like you could take a knife and cut through it!

I found a cool scripture in Ether this week that really meant a lot to me. It is where the Brother of Jared converses with Christ, and asks the Lord the question of how he can have light in is vessels. The Lord replies "What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels?" I thought that was interesting and it is a question we could all ask ourselves, “What would we have the Lord do to put a light in our own vessels?” I think sometimes we expect something big and grand from the Lord, a pronounced answer to a question we may have, such as, “Is this your church, or should I go on a mission?” and may ask with little or no effort on our part. When we have questions like these, which I know I have and continue to have them, before we pray, perhaps we can reflect on Christ’s question of Jared, and maybe instead of asking for the Lord to just give us the light, rather we can suggest or do simple things that will help us receive the light we seek. This may sound a bit confusing, haha, but what I'm saying is, give Him a way to give us light, just like the Brother of Jared asked the Lord to make the 16 stones he prepared to glow with light, we too can give something to the Lord that will help provide us with the light we seek! For example, it could be by reading in the Book of Mormon daily, in this way we symbolically offer our own “smelted stones” to the Lord so we are ready to receive personal revelation from Him. It may be by serving someone in need that we receive specific and personal insight. It could be through finding and taking a family name to the temple and doing the vicarious ordinances in their behalf that prepares us to receive the light we seek. I am sure there are many ways we can be active participants in receiving and building upon the light we seek from Christ. Faith in Him requires us to act! Elder Bednar stated, “A learner exercising agency by acting in accordance with correct principles opens his or her heart to the Holy Ghost and invites His teaching, testifying power, and confirming witness. Learning by faith requires spiritual, mental, and physical exertion and not just passive reception. It is in the sincerity and consistency of our faith-inspired action that we indicate to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, our willingness to learn and receive instruction from the Holy Ghost. Thus, learning by faith involves the exercise of moral agency to act upon the assurance of things hoped for and invites the evidence of things not seen from the only true teacher, the Spirit of the Lord…. Learning by faith cannot be transferred from an instructor to a student through a lecture, a demonstration, or an experiential exercise; rather, a student must exercise faith and act in order to obtain the knowledge for himself or herself.” So like the Brother of Jared we can act!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week!! Love you all! Sister Jessica Freeman


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