February 9, 2017


Bonn Germany


Megan Kaitlynn Deim

Trust in the Lord With All Thine Heart!

P-days are now on Thursday! Not sure why it changed, maybe because a lot of things are closed on Mondays. My week has been pretty good, some downs, but definitely a lot of ups! :3 Haha…transfers were not fun. I did get to Bonn safely but it was not easy! Getting on the I.C.E. was easy because I had the help of some Elders to get everything on… the problem was they put my large luggage on a shelf... and I'm not very tall, or strong enough, to lift it when it is placed that high... so trying to get it back down by myself was a nightmare. When I tried to get it down it almost hit the lady next to me... then it got stuck in the walkway and I couldn't get it unstuck for a little bit... the people who were waiting to get on just sat there and watched me struggle impatiently, and then a nice gentleman on the platform offered to help me get the last one off. I sat there at the station for a bit and finally my companion came! Getting the suitcases to our apartment was also a nightmare.... somewhere on the way there I lost a wheel to one of them.... so, yeah. Riding on an ICE train is like riding in an airplane, just not flying. It was nice but I just fell asleep … so I didn't really look around. But I took a pic! I was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I met in Darmstadt but I know the Lord knows best and it was time for a change. Sister Case and her new companion, Sister Moeller, will do well in teaching the people there.

I really like Bonn, at first I wasn't sure... it was a rough first two days, but after that I've absolutely loved it here! Bonn is mostly city, but it has its smaller areas as well. I've gotten to see all different parts of it and I love it! There are so many different kinds of buildings, and it just looks super pretty, there's even a place here in Bonn that is kinda famous for how beautiful it is in the spring time because of the old buildings and it's lined with blossom trees and it looks like snow! It will be really pretty to see; it’s called Altstadt. Bonn is close to so many cool things! And of course, one of my favorite composers comes from here! ;3 They have sooo many cool churches here in Bonn! We went in one today that was really cool, it's my favorite one here because on the outside it kinda looks similar to the Harry Potter Castle :3 We also went to this nice store where I was able to buy cute clothes for really cheap; 4 items for 20! It was nice :3 Today we also went to a Haribo outlet! It was AWESOME!!!!! I got a lot of gummy bears, a key chain, and a collectors pin!

Normally I email in detail about all of our investigators but we have way too many here to do that! We have 9 with baptismal dates, and nearly 30 other investigators! Instead I will share just a few of our experiences teaching or contacting each week. This week we had a family come and pick us up so we could teach them. They were very kind, and even fed us, it was really good. We taught them the first lesson and they really enjoyed it. The mom listened with great interest to everything! They didn’t want us to leave to catch our train and offered to drive us to our next appointment so we could stay just a little longer. We gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to church the next day – and they all came!!! The members here in the Bonn ward are nice. I shared my testimony in sacrament meeting, then for Sunday School we Skyped the Michelstadt Sisters so one of their investigators could participate in our Persian class; it was nice to see them. The mom from that family we taught the day before really enjoyed church, especially Relief Society… it was good and the spirit was really strong. Later that day, we met another nice family while contacting after church. We went by their home and only the mom was there, but she gave us her number and told us to call to make an appointment for next week. Well, then we left to go catch our strassenbahn when all of a sudden this man comes running towards us with his dog…we recognized the dog from the home we had just visited but the man came straight up to us and said he was the father and that he was super happy that we had come by! He then gave us a day and time for us to return when his entire family would be there! Then he turned and walked back the way he came just as our strassenbahn arrived. He had ran all that way just to get an appointment with us!! Isn’t that so cool?! We are really excited to teach them next week!!

My companion, Sister Deim, is pretty great! I like her! She was actually in my MTC group so, that's fun! We'll get to celebrate our halfway mark together this month!! She is from Idaho! She's super fun, likes Harry Potter, and loves animals. She likes Bonn and has been here since she arrived in Germany, her German is about the same as mine, and we just have a lot in common. We had zone conference in Düsseldorf; I played violin, Savior Redeemer, it went well. My apartment is about half the size as my last one... it has a few problems, but it's livable.

My favorite scripture of all time is Isaiah 41:10,13, it says, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness...For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." When someone needs reassurance and comfort, the Lord is there…I know that He has been there for me through this transfer and I can see that He knows me and what I need. He answers my prayers and I can trust in Him! He leads the way and I will follow Him!

I'll email you all next Thursday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Freeman


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