January 2, 2017


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Ashley Case

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow! Happy New Year!

Guess what the New year decided to bring us in Germany!? SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, it came this morning! We didn't even realize it till after personal study, than we looked out the window and there was snow already covering the ground and still more falling! It snowed for about 3-4 hours! It's great!

We were at a members house last night for a small party for the New Year! It was fun, their kids are my favorite, their one little girl comes and hugs me all the time :3 We had what's called Rrocklet (no idea how it's actually spelled) but it's super awesome, I've had it now about 4 times and it's my favorite thing ever! It’s basically this flat stove top with this space underneath were you can place little trays to broil whatever toppings you want. So normally you have potatoes and you fry the meats on the top stove part and in your little pan you can put things like corn, onions, cheese, peppers, pineapple, etc. then you take whatever you want from the meat on the top, put it on your potatoes, take out your pan and whatever you had in that put that on top as well and then you put some more stuff in and do it again! It's soooo good! We've decided that we're going to turn it into the best invention ever and make crepes on the top and then put whatever toppings you want on your little pan below to melt, like chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, Nuss Butter, etc. doesn't that sound like heaven's creation!? I'm super excited!

This week has been a good week for me, it's been kind of a slow week just 'cause it was still the holidays.... but we were able to meet with Kai Ming twice, Naftaline, and a new investigator! Esra! So... Kai Ming is doing pretty good as usual... though we need to get him back in focus of how important it is for him to find his answer... we think he is getting a bit distracted with life and needs to re-prioritize a bit ;3 We want him to find an answer! Naftaline...... IS BACK!!!!! I'm soooooo happy!!!!! Thank you for all of your prayers! She came back from her trip and was herself again! She smiled and laughed with us and when we asked her if she had prayed to know if it was all true and if she should get baptized, she said she did and she received the answer that it IS true and that she wants to get baptized!!!!! She still says she is a bit scared... we shared with her my favorite scripture of all time when someone needs reassurance and comfort, Isaiah 41:10,13. We helped her know that while it may not be easy to follow Him, He's there with you every step of the way! She came to church yesterday and met the bishop! Haha, finally.... but yeah, she enjoyed it, and it made me really happy to see her there, I've missed that :3 I'm still praying really hard though that her fears will go away and that it will be replaced with excitement, her baptism is on the 21 of Jan, a few weeks away! She has also not smoked for a full two weeks, and told a friend no to black tea! So that's pretty awesome! :3 Then there's our new investigator, Esra. He's actually really young... I contacted him in Luisen Platz. He's Evangelish, 18 years old, and he really enjoyed trying to do a bit of bible bashing with us. He kind of gave up, but he kept asking us how do you know that it's 100% true? He's really funny and the typical teenage Asian! Haha, he asked to take a selfie with us ... that's just a small description of him. The lesson though was all over the place because he had so many questions that jumped from right to left and back! Ah! It was so hard to just get him to focus on one thing! But it was a good week I've really enjoyed it :3

It's a New Year! Now if you haven't changed already, that is completely okay. But I hope you have taken the thought by now at least a little of how you will change in something this year for the better. We're here on earth to go through life and become better. That IS the plan is to BECOME something. If you haven't already done your New Year Resolutions or if you already have, I want you to think about a few questions and maybe make or add a new goal for this year. First, who does God want me to become this year? Please pray about this question and ask God who he wants you to become this year. Second, how can I do this? Also, a good thing to pray about, maybe study in the scriptures. Third, when will I start? Decide after you have found your answer for the first two a specific day that you will start doing what you need to do to become that person. Fourth, how am I going to check my progress and how often will I check it? I challenge you all to do this, it may not be easy, it may take some time to even get the answer of who God wants you to become, or you maybe might not get the answer to the first but receive the answer of how he wants you to start. What I do know is that God already knows perfectly just who He wants us to be and knows that we CAN become this person. I know He is there and that even when we stumble or fall, or feel we can't do or become what He believes we can that He will take us by the hand, or even carry us through this year, ‘til we make it! I know we can all make it to that person He has in mind for us this year! We can do it! Just so you know, I... haven't quite made them yet... I've thought a bit about them though, I'd like to definitely be a better member missionary when I come home at the end of this year, I want to make sure the missionaries in our area know that they're welcome to call me whenever they need a member present to a lesson, or whenever they need a place to go, or even just talking and inviting everyone I know to church, to share a bit of the gospel in word and in deed. I'm NEVER not going to be a missionary for the rest of my life, even if I don't have a name tag, I'll still wear it on my heart :3

Happy New Year! Love you all!!!
Sister Jessica Freeman


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