November 21, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Ashley Case

Fasting Works!

Family and Friends,

Christmas Marts opened today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! It looks like Darmstadt’s is mostly food, but they have a few other things! It has been sooo cold and sooo wet! The week started with deep cleaning the apartment on Monday. So fun! It wasn’t too bad though with our apartment because it is pretty nice. We had people coming to inspect it and we passed! On Wednesday we had Zone Conference and it was really good, got to watch the Christmas video and talked a lot about how we can use it and goals we should have. Also, I got all my Amazon packages from my family!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! I loved all the stuff I did get! :3 Haha! I haven't received my Christmas one yet but hopefully I'll get it sometime soon ;3

We had a girl in our ward, Sarah, who is preparing to go on a mission come spend a day with us to get a feel of missionary life!  We gave her a rootbeer to drink, haha, she was so excited! We went to Luisenplatz and did contacting with her. We each got 8 cards to place, except Sister Case, who had 9. I talked to my first person for 15-20 minutes! I basically gave him a 10 minutes lesson on the restoration…he was trying to contradict me, but I was able to get him to take a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. I came and talked with the sisters after about 10 minutes, being out of cards, and they were so surprised I was out of cards. But it was fun and I also got a potential! After, we taught Kai-Ming and that went well. We also went to visit Celina and Oma to learn to make a Russian dessert! It’s my favorite <3 After we got to sing to her. She cried again and asked about who wrote these songs, it was great, she is slowly but surely getting there.

We did the street display this week from 10:30-4:15! It was a long time but it was fun. It was soooooo COLD though!!! I was dying inside…but it went well and Sister Case and I have a few more potentials! I gave away two copies of the Book of Mormon! Kai-Ming even came to say hi to us before he went to go see a baptism! He is so Golden! Love Kai-Ming!

We had two miracles this week. Naftaline hasn't texted us or really met with us for two weeks! But a miracle was after all our prayers and fasting she was at church yesterday and was even wearing a dress!! And we have an appointment with her this week. Church was great, we had so many investigators there and apparently the ward is getting really excited about Kai-Ming. Which is funny because he is the only one without a baptismal date!

The other happened with Marli, she gave us a call Saturday night and told us she couldn't meet with us anymore...she had been told some lies about us by her husband and told to throw away the pamphlets and Book of Mormon. We were sooo sad and shocked. We immediately started a fast for her and the next day after church went to go and see her. We walked down the side walk and about half way to her house, out of nowhere, there she was! The meeting went well, still some bumps, but hopefully the Lord will bless her so that she can be baptized. So we still have her, just how long that will go we're not sure, but fasting works!

For Thanksgiving we are decorating the Warnke's Christmas tree! We were also invited by Sister Metzner for a Thanksgiving Dinner but we have too much going on that evening to do it :(

As a Thanksgiving message, I invite you all to read the talk from President Thomas S. Monson, October 2010, on Gratitude. Being grateful does not always mean to say thank you with your words, we can also SHOW our thanks. We can show Heavenly Father this Thanksgiving just how grateful we are for the things we have been given by following Him and by doing these small but simple things He has asked us to do. I know that when we give thanks by word and deed that we will also see more of what we have been given and He will continue to send us His blessings.

Well, I hope you have a great week!
Sister Freeman


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