November 14, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Ashley Case

The Lord’s Great and Wonderful Work.

Hello Family & Friends!

This week was pretty good, we still have our three investigators who are just great! Though we weren't able to meet with Naftaline because she rescheduled the first one and then the second one fell through because we thought we were meeting at the church and she thought we were meeting in Luisenplatz... I have no idea why because we've only met at the church except for the very first one.... since then she hasn't been really responsive to our texts, she couldn't come to church yesterday because she was sick and so we still haven't been able to get another appointment with her. We'll probably call or text her on Tuesday and see if she's feeling better and then if so set up one then. But other than that it's been good, Marli is still the sweetest lady in the world! She called us after coming to church on Sunday and said that it was great and that the people were really nice and that she felt really welcomed and peaceful there, She also told me earlier on the way to church she said, "Sister Freeman, you know, I feel really good when I'm with you and Sister Case. When you come it's like all my problems go away and there's just a peace. Why is that?" I told her the feeling she was feeling was the Holy Ghost. In her call later she told me and Sister Case how much she loved us both and how she would continue to come to church every Sunday because of how she liked it so much, and that when she got back, so funny and heart melting, she said "you know that expensive coffee machine I have? Well, today I came home and I got some milk and made Hot Chocolate instead of coffee and thought of you." <3 ️️ Haha I never thought something like that could be so touching...after that she also started talking about how if we ever want to eat when we come over that she'd gladly make us something or if we ever needed anything washed that she has a pricey washing machine and would love to do it for us as well! Haha not going to make her do that but it was super nice of her :3

You asked what my comp and I do for fun...well, we go get Crepes sometimes, or we put up lights for Christmas, or we dance around to christmas music..... ;3 haha there's not much time to ourselves but we find fun in the small short time that we do have :3

Also this week, I heard who won the election from many Germans but absolutely none from my wonderful American family...I have no idea what's going to happen to our country.... I love America, and I hope it'll be ok and that I can one day (a year from now) come back and still be able to say that... Also, I heard that John Schmidt's daughter died... it sounded really sad. They said something about her falling off a cliff...I hope the family is ok.

I have learned that ward missionaries are important. I can't even begin to tell you how bad of one I was before I came here, but now that I’m a missionary myself, I know in great detail just how important it is for us members, be we on missions or not, to bring others to the gospel, to welcome those who are new, to talk and be a friend to all. Missionaries only have a small part of this great work, really, it's like tiny compared to what members can do. I've seen what they can do for these people, and it’s amazing! I can't tell you how wonderful it is when the members offer us to bring someone by for dinner during the week or come up to an investigator we bring and literally just take them out of our hands and make them feel welcome and right at home. I've reflected back at what I was and I know that that is not what I want to return to. I want to be the member that invites, teaches, befriends, and welcomes all who come. My invitation to you is to seek for your own opportunities to be a ward missionary. Get to know your ward, when you see someone new don't just sit there, go up to them and make them feel at home, help the missionaries in your ward with teaching investigators or ask their investigators to hang out with you during the week, I'm sure the missionaries would love you till the day they die if you did that one ;3 but really, members you are important and vital to this work. Your impact is lasting. Please help in the Lord’s great and wonderful work. "Bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" His work is Love.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Freeman


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