September 26, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

Danger Day!!!

Hallo Familie und Freunden!

My mom pointed out that yesterday was my 4 month mark! It doesn't feel that way. It includes the MTC and my training with Sister Young! I can't believe I only have to do what I've done only just 3 1/2 more times! That's crazy! I actually do have something to go with that, it's a quote from someone Sister Young knows: “I researched and found that 1,000 years in our time is 1 day in celestial time. Duh, everyone knows that. But let’s drill down further. 500 years= 12 hours, 250 years= 6 hours. 1 hour of celestial time= 41 years, 8 months in our time. So, say we live to be 70 years old, we will have only been out of the presence of God for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Amulek taught that “this life is the time for men (and women!) to prepare to meet God.” So we have on average about an hour and 40 minutes to work out our salvation and help others find the gospel and work out theirs. The point- we have no time to waste. By these calculations, life isn’t even a single day, but a small fraction of a day by HST (Heavenly Standard Time)” -Good Ole Tom Bird

So, speaking of not being out here very long... Saturday, I was reading for personal study at the table when the phone started vibrating and within less than a second I realized it was “Danger Day” or transfer day notifications, which is my first! Anyway, apparently if the president is calling it means one of us is doing something in leadership…I literally freaked out in my chair and so did Sister Young! We answered it and it was indeed President! Then he said something neither of us were expecting…”I have something for both of you!” He asked to talk to me first. Can you guess why?! I bet you won't even be able to.... You ready? You want to know yet? I'M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sister Young is going to be a STL (Sisters Training Leader) in Nürnberg!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! We freaked out for a really long time! Haha so, I was not expecting that...... :3 It should be fun and exciting.... Haha but it's also been really stressful... Normally I don't stress.... But that night was pretty stressful.... There's soooooooo much to do, to remember, to fix... AHHHH! I'm excited but I'm also definitely stressed, I want to be the best trainer I can give to this person, but with the way I am right now there's a lot to do.... At least that's how I feel every few minutes, I'm reminded what more I could do to be better, what I need to know, etc. There are only 4 sisters coming in! Later we found out that I wasn’t even recommended…so apparently someone feels I am supposed to be training! Then Sister Young has wanted to go to Nürmberg for a long time now and she is really happy!

After that we went on a contacting split with our STL’s and, haha, they at first didn’t believe us! I can hardly believe it myself…I am going to Frankfurt tomorrow to pick up my Golden! Do all the street displays, meetings, and stay in the hotel overnight! It is going to be a lot of fun, stress, and excitement!

The week went really well! We've been busy teaching and contacting. We teach English to one of our contacts. She and her friend needed help to prepare for an English test, but this time it was great because they asked if we could sing for them, so we chose to sing a Child’s Prayer and we did it in English. After we finished I looked over at Oma and she was sobbing! She covered her face for a while because she was so overwhelmed and couldn’t stop crying. She said it was really beautiful even though she couldn’t understand any of it, but that it touched her. The spirit was sooo strong! We’re both excited that it happened because maybe now she will open up to what else we can share with them!

Our progressing investigator is doing really well, but her baptismal date needs to be reset. She did apparently understand the whole chastity lesson... AND she came to church and really liked it!

I called a lady who is listed in one of our area records as a previous investigator and she was really happy that we called. We got her to come meet us for church on Sunday and she just talked with everyone! Haha we didn't even need to do anything!

We also received a referral from the Frankfurt English speaking sisters! She is from China and was really excited about the Book of Mormon and wants to meet with the missionaries to learn more! We went “dooring” in an area before one of our appointments and for the first time we were able to actually go in and share a message with someone! At another door we were able to give a man a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! Then we had a classic contacting experience where we almost got eaten by a big scary dog! We were praying outside one house when all of a sudden we heard this loud bark and it did NOT sound friendly! We thought we were going to die! But it was at the next house, when no one answered the door, we went to the house with the scary dog! We stood there for a few seconds and couldn’t see the dog. I was about to ask where it was when out of nowhere it was right next to us on the other side of the gate and barked so loud I literally jumped and grabbed Sister Young and ran! Haha, it scared her too! After that we contacted an older lady and got to share a message with her but it was hard because we had to do it in 2 minutes. Luckily, she said it would be okay if we came back later!

I know the Lord loves you all and he is there for really anything, if we call upon Him and always are remembering Him. Read: Mosiah 22-26, I studied that this morning and it really shows you how much the Lord will do for His people when they remember Him :3

Thank you for your prayers! I love you all!


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