September 19, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

End of the Chocolate Fast!

Family and friends,

This week went well. We had a dinner appointment and lesson with our progressing investigator at the Metzners. We had Philly cheese steak sandwiches and then our lesson. It was kind of a loaded lesson because we taught both the Plan of Salvation and The Law of Chastity. Haha, yeah, it was both Sister Young and my first time teaching that one! But it went really well and she didn't seem to feel uncomfortable with it at all. We literally said that to follow this commandment you cannot have sex outside of marriage and also to avoid the appearance of it she'd either have to move out of her boyfriend's apartment or get married. She seemed totally fine but we are not sure if she really understood. It went very well and she said she's really curious and interested to learn more! And now we've taught her all three lessons which means all we have now is to teach the commandments! She's totally progressing in all areas! Except for coming to church, last Sunday she couldn't because she had to do some stuff with her visa and she couldn’t this Sunday because she and her boyfriend are going to visit his family... so yeah. But other than that she's doing amazing! It would be great if you could keep her in all your prayers though! :-)

A lot of random things happened this week, a minor injury, a mellow stalker, companionship bonding and the end of our chocolate fast:

My injury occurred at a dinner appointment with Sister Cziesla. It was good, all except for the part where I was cutting my bread with a bread knife and didn't realize my finger was in the way... Yeah, it's not too bad, but it was bleeding a lot so I had to ask her for a bandaid. :/

Haha, then our young stalker returned again! Though it was weird this time because he didn't pursue it really ... this time, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed, but all they did was ride their bikes up to us ring us a bit and then left. So that was a bit weird.

Then all the companionship bonding this week…On P-day, after all our emailing we went to go find a companionship item! We ended up getting a bit distracted and tried on a lot of cute dresses, though sadly they were all too short... but they were really cute! But we found our companionship item! Haha, it's a night shirt! It really describes our companionship too. Sister Young's always saying stuff like, “don't stress about it” and I'm always offering her sweets :-) it says on the front “just relax and have cake!” Haha!

One funny thing was during a companionship inventory… every time you're supposed to tell them what their strengths are, and after I finished telling her I said, “I don't want you to leave, not because I don't feel ready, but because I can't imagine a better companion than an angel!” And her response, “You’re a Cheeseball!” Hahaha! Right? That does not connect with what I said at all! :-)

Later, on our way back from one of our appointments on the sidewalk there were these weird pokey shell things that were big, Sister Young picked one up saying it was kind of scary looking. It was partly opened and it had two nuts in it and the way they looked right next to each other made me think of a butt, haha! I told Sister Young that and she got the nuts out and gave one to me and she has the other and just as we were getting to our apartment Sister Young laughed and said she found a name for it, it is now our companion butt nut hahahahahaha! :-)

Then on Saturday night when we were all done with everything, I had some fun trying to teach Sister Young some voice lessons... haha, she is so uncomfortable! She's worse than I was! :-) I laughed so hard! She's great, I love her!

Finally, it is time to end our month long chocolate fast! We're going to go get crepes :3 and I'm going to make hot chocolate tonight, and eat some of my chocolate that I've been saving and also some that I bought today.... :3

There is a great talk I read this week called Put Your Trust In the Lord by Elder Ballard (2013). It's great and very inspiring, you should read it. My message and challenge to everyone is to do what he asks in this talk, if every one person in the church would reach out to one person to bring them his gospel, and like he said it doesn't have to be anything huge either, from now until Christmas, what a great gift it will be to our Lord and Savior and to those who come to the knowledge of such a great gospel! Find them, share with them, love them!

I love you all very much! I hope you've had a great week and an even better one to come! Ich Liebe Dich!


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