September 5, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

Temple Dedication: Bednar speaks German! Uchtdorf melts my heart!

This week has been good, we set another baptismal date! And it's with a girl! Yay!! We met a young woman, wearing a Monty Python shirt, who walked up to us and started talking to us in English. She wanted to know when the next bohn (train) would come because she was in a hurry to get to work. We told her it would come in 20 minutes and that we were also waiting for it, so we invited her to sit down with us. We learned that she is actually from America and moved here a year ago right after she graduated from high school so that she could be with her boyfriend who is German. He came to her school as a transfer student and that's how they met. She just got a new job at an international school and helps oversee the kids there. I also found out as we were giving her our number that she likes Japanese anime! She had a SAO wallet :-) We asked her if there would be a time we could meet with her this week and share our message with her, she said sure! We got an appointment with her for Thursday! It went really well, we taught her the first lesson and then asked her if she comes to know if this is true if she would get baptized on September 25th and she said yes!!! So now we have both Kaitlyn and Tino as baptismal date investigators! Tino’s is on the 24th, so one right after the other! The one problem is that she's living with her boyfriend right now... so the date might have to be moved but we're also hoping to get her boyfriend to start coming and maybe they'll get married, but yeah! Exciting right!

I was sick at the beginning of the week with a cold I got from Sister Young, it got worse at night so I took some NyQuil. Also, the weather was really hot, in fact, one night we filled the bathtub with really cold water and soaked our legs in it as we wrote in our journals :-) We also decided to sleep outside on our balcony! It was fun to pull out the mattresses and be out in the open air, under the stars, but you still can't see very many because it's still city. Several times in the night I woke up and couldn't remember why we were outside, haha!

Oh yeah! On our way to the Friebes we took the long way because we had a little time and we jumped the fence and saw the prettiest country you'll ever see… horses, chickens, geese, sunflower fields, and yeah it was really fun! Cool! Pretty! :-)

As a district on P-Day we played ticket to ride, the German version, it was a lot of fun. I got second place! But I also didn't know that the longest continuous train bonus thing didn't exist for this one otherwise I would have won. :-) Guess what - I finished my first journal! This has never happened before! Haha! I am now starting my second! :-)

Oh! Guess what!! I was part of the cultural celebration for the temple! Haha! They played the end of "Beethoven's 5 Secrets" over and over! This is the recording I played violin with Lyceum Philharmonic and Steven Sharp Nelson, The Piano Guys! I was so excited that I was in some way a part of it! Then we got to hear from President Uchtdorf in German! It was so cool! Melted my heart! I now have an even greater love for him! And I understood everything that he said! It would be so cool to meet him! The Darmstadt Ward is actually his hometown ward so... You never know :-) it was great! Afterward, Sister Young and I got french fries with chili and cheese at a booth because they have a wine fest going on right now.

Sunday morning, we headed out early to go to the first session of the temple dedication. We got to hear from President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar! Elder Bednar spoke in German and actually sounded like one, just like he was born one too! He was so good! It was amazing :3 The spirit was definitely there! It was really cool to do a temple dedication all in German :-)

You asked me how I feel promptings from the spirit... Mostly the promptings I get is sometimes I'm given an idea of how to explain something or a scripture that would help someone, normally it just comes as a small thought, but it is a bit different than my regular ones because it comes instantly and right away. And when I get these thoughts it normally makes me talk right away too, like I don't even second guess it, my mouth just opens, which is definitely for me a miracle. The spirit works for us all differently, but he also knows us perfectly and so like Elder Bednar always says "don't worry about it." When the spirit wants you to do something he will make it so you know it.

Love you all! Have an Amazing week! <3


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