August 29, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

Contact Champion!

Family and Friends!

The heat here has been so bad this week! It's been in the 90s all this week, plus humidity and you literally feel like you're melting... it's disgusting!

We have a new investigator!! And he as a baptismal date for Sep 24th! He's a formal potential of the Elders when Elder Walker was still here but they never contacted him. He also was given a Book of Mormon in February! So it was a miracle that we contacted him! He's so great! It is really cool because it just shows that the Lord wanted us to find him!

I like contacting, by that I mean only the first part, so beginning it, but that's normally the thing that other missionaries dislike so I like to start it and then they can keep it going. This week on a split with Sister Jameson we went contacting for an hour before another appointment and she is a contact champion! We got more potentials than I have had so far out here in the field! We got 8 and all their phone numbers and some even with an appointment! Later, when Sister Young and I tried the same technique, it worked and we got an additional 4 potentials in just 15 minutes!

One thing that previous potentials, that are now investigators, and people on the street have been saying to me is that I have really good German!! Haha! Herr Spasov, for example, we've had one lesson with him like two-threeish weeks ago, and we met with him again this week and I started talking and he stopped me after a few sentences and he seemed amazed then told me my German has greatly improved and said that it must be a gift from God to have it come so quickly! Which I believe is true, the Lord has definitely been helping me a lot with the language when there's something that needs to be said or someone that we need to talk to. One lady that we contacted this week we had a pretty long good discussion about what we do as missionaries and a few things that we believe, and then when she heard how long I've been out she was surprised and said my German was really good! So that's one thing that I'm grateful for this week, that my German has improved :3 but that's a gift from the Lord, it's not just me.

This week we make German pancakes for lunch with whip cream strawberries blackberries and cinnamon sugar! We also made tortellini’s for lunch. We played some fun games with our district on Pday. One thing that was hilarious is when Elder Allen said, “Ich habe vielen frauen” or “I have many wives” he really meant to say “I have many friends that are girls.” We all got a good laugh!

I can't believe that my sister Sarah is continuing life without me! She's just starting her junior year! It's so crazy! She looks really pretty too and I got to see a picture of her going to her first day at the new high school. Yeah I miss her…

Being here as a missionary, I have definitely come to know more about my Savior and his love for his children. I have a stronger testimony of spiritual gifts, and a stronger love and knowledge of the scriptures. You asked what advice I have for friends and family about the gospel and missions? Well, one thing they need to know about the gospel is that more scriptures are coming, it's been promised in the Book of Mormon and also by the apostles that when we are ready we will be able to know all things. You may think that is really cool and you want them now, but think about the reason you don't have them yet, how is your scripture reading with the scriptures you have already? Do you really know the Book of Mormon? My answer to these questions is before my mission my scripture study sucked, and now do I know them? Nope... Haha, I wish, even with the amount of study I've been putting into them, I always am learning something new. So that's my advice, continue your study and actually "study" them, you'll learn something new every time you do! :) And then missions, they're great! They can sometimes be really hard, but they are a wonderful experience that you can only have once, this way, at this time! Pray about it, and if he calls you to go, put in those papers as soon as you can, don't wait. :)

I love you all!!! Have a FANTASTIC week!


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