August 22, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

Find Him, Seek Him, Ask Him, Follow Him!


Sounds Ike you guys are doing well! This week has been good, long in a few ways but still good. We have 3 investigators and all are doing well, though one of them is going to have a make or break lesson this week... :( always sad but sometimes they just aren't ready. Then another one doesn't have any good times for us to meet him and his work isn't all that flexible... So we haven’t been able to teach him since his first lesson. Then our newest one is pretty good, meeting with him tonight but the thing is he kind of likes Sister Young... plus he technically has to be given to the Michelstadt Elders because of boundaries, so... yeah. But it's been a good week.

Last P-day we met up with the other Elders in the district to all go and play some mini golf it was fun! I was put in charge of taking pictures, so I did my job - 164 pics were taken and shared! :-) I was in very last place but that was okay I don't care. It was just fun to laugh and be with everyone.

This week we had a lunch appointment an older couple in the ward, the Warnchas, who are just amazing and so cute and funny together! Got to hear their conversion story and the Uchtdorfs played a big part in that; they used to eat at their place a lot too! They're really big on genealogy and temple work and have some great stories!

We also got to go see Salina and Oma this week!! They've been gone for three weeks and it's so nice to have them back! I've missed them so much! Salina is just the cutest person ever, I love her! I also understand almost everything they were saying this time too! It was so great! It made me so happy to see them again! Later we met with Sister Adler and sang her a song. She told us it was really good and that she really liked how we sing it that it felt like a testimony... :-)

We made cute invitations for a ward BBQ that we are having to get them to bring friends and also to get non-members to come; you know, and to do our missionary thing! :-) I used a website where I could make it look really nice, but it took a lot of effort especially finding the right font and sizing the date; see the picture I attached.

Trying to get my first package from home was a nightmare! I got so frustrated and felt it would never get to me…first it was held in customs for over a week, then it missed the Zone Conference, then it wasn't at the office in time for the sister training leaders to get it, and then it wasn’t there when Elder Fawcett went to get his trainee I just kind of lost hope! Then Sister Young asked one of the Elders who would be going to Frankfurt on Friday to get it for me, which was very nice of her. Honestly, my companion is so fun and funny, it really helps sometimes especially when I start to stress about something. She also really helps me to have more confidence and kind of forces me to do things out of my comfort zone, which is good, but I don't always want to do that.... I really love her! Anyway, the next day the Tech Elders came to pick up two desks from our apartment and guess what they brought me…… package!!! I was surprised and happy to get it especially with the disappointment the day before. I filmed it and took a picture of me with it :-) It was full of great stuff … the Jello was kind of funny because just a few days before Sister Young had asked me if Green Jello was actually a Utah thing and I told her not green Jello but that it was otherwise pretty common…and then I got Jello! :-) I love the seal! So cute :-) I also got two letters in the mail. One from Dad! Yay! And one from DHL - haha.

At DDM we were in charge of the game, so I decided to play the one I learned from my ballroom team with finding the pattern. It was so fun! Elder Allen, who is new and from AF, had such a hard time with the simplest pattern ever! We were all being the person to our right. Then Elder Priest was up and we made it really complicated for him, we had to answer every question with the first letter of the person’s last name to your left with the exception of the new chair who could break that rule! :-) Haha it was a ton of fun! Also, another thing which was really fun and funny, at dinner at the Sauers on Sunday, Elder Allen said "Ich habe fiele Frau." And we all laughed…what he meant to say was I have many friends that are girls... Haha!

I am trying to memorize L&B 4 (D&C) and have memorized 3 versus so far! I just finished reading 2 Nephi 26 today which is a really good one, highly recommend it! ;) I know that Christ is my Savior, I have learned many things about him while out here. One of the things being that he is literally the Lamb of God, meaning that he was God's sacrifice. I had never actually thought about it in that way before. He did it willingly too. He did it because he loves us. I know that because I have felt his love for me and the other people around me here. He loves them so much, it's sometimes hard to know that they don't know that themselves or even know who He is. I know the Book of Mormon is another way he has shown his love for us, everything you need to know, every answer to your every question is in that book. I know that sounds like a very missionary thing to say but it is true. Find him, seek him, ask him, follow him!

Love you all!

See my fun pictures here: my BBQ invitation, the necklace Dad gave me, my package, my new journal art, and my district!


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