August 8, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young

Who Are You?

This week has been a good, kinda long, but also a really fast week. It has been raining every day this week I've kind of given up on my hair... It's so humid for it to stay nice, even when I put a boatload of hair product in it, it doesn't do much... Lol :-)

Everyone's on vacation right now so we literally only had two lessons this week and the rest was all contacting! It was a lot! No new potentials this week, but one of our potentials from last week became one of our new investigators this week! Last Saturday he told us to call him in September because he was too busy – but he called us! That never happens! He told us he wanted to go to church with us this Sunday! That was the miracle on Tuesday! :-)

Thursday we had an appointment with Erica. We talked about the sacrament and watch the film of little kids explaining it; it was so cute, you have to go and watch it! We read the sacrament prayers and talked about the covenants that we make at baptism and how we renew them each week by taking the sacrament. Then I played I Stand All Amazed on my violin.

Saturday we handed out another book of Mormon! That's the third one this week! We also had a half-hour conversation with one guy, he was drinking a lot of beer, don't know why, but he actually had a lot of good questions for us. He would tell us when he didn't believe things but also would tell us “Das is schön” when we said we knew it; meaning “that is beautiful” but really it also means “that's nice”. He was very nice to us and said he enjoyed talking to us. He then said, “and if I'm allowed to say so you're both really good-looking ladies.” In German of course - haha! He was funny…

We also visited with a sister, Collette, from Barbados. She is a member and she is awesome! You basically say the word “scriptures” and then she will talk to you about them for an hour about what she's read and what she's learned. It's like she's giving us the spiritual thought half of the time! After her we went to go see our new instigator, who is just wonderful, funny, and cute! He's so funny and we had a 45 minute lesson in a parking lot!

My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a lot. I've noticed things in it that I've never noticed before, it basically tells you about everything in there, what God wants you to do, what he will do, how we can follow him better, and things we can learn from, it's seriously jam packed! It's awesome because it's also given me a new found hope for there being Elves in the next life ;) It's also taught me how God just loves everyone and he wants them all to come back, and that we may have weaknesses but he takes them and makes them strong for what he needs you to do. I love the Lord. Christ is so amazing, there are just too many things to say about how awesome he is!

I look forward to the package and letters from you guys! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Jess :3

PS - see the graffiti on the wall "Wer bist du?" It means "Who are you?" Great lead in for a gospel discussion!


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