July 18, 2016


Darmstadt, Germany


Sister Taylor Young


There're so many people to email! But that just tells me that people love me 😂

I finally have my iPad!!!! Got it on Saturday, it took forever to get here, then I had to wait till yesterday to get it set up at the church. It's nice, I like it. I can definitely type faster on it but a keyboard would still be nice. 😉

I love Dooring! It's so fun!! Haha cause it's already awkward so you just have to embrace it and talk to them 😅 We didn't get any love or acceptance but it was still fun! 😉 We also had an awkward experience following directly afterwards, with a teenage boy flirting while we were waiting for our train.... It was interesting 😕

Teaching is good, we haven't had so many lessons with investigators this week as much as new members and our one appointment with our investigator with a baptismal date fell through... But other than that it's pretty good. We did a lesson with Brother Dong-Gu which was good. He is Chinese but speaks German fluently and is very kind. He's a "ganz" (new) member so we still teach him once a week. While we normally do street contacting our area has been so busy that we've only done it 2-3 times since I've been here... but it's fun when we do! I have a goal to get a new contact from a person on a bike 😊

We have meet with so many people: investigators, less actives, and members. It is good! I love the people and the experiences. I had my first split by going to Frankfurt and serving with Sister Johns for a day. We only had one lesson with a lady called Elizabeth, and it was good but really long... 2 hours! After that we got ice cream which was really good and much-needed. At our bus stop an old man stopped us and tried to convince us the entire time that he spoke really good English, we talked with him for 45 minutes, a really long time for a street contact! I gave him a card and invited him to church. The next morning we headed back to Darmstadt for DDM and I gave a brief talk.

We visit with in-active members and members all the time it seems like. We meet with the members a lot and every time we're there they feed us. Even just this week we visited a non active and she gave us lunch, then we visited a new member who also prepared us a lunch, so.... we get fed a lot, almost too much sometimes 😂 but they've given us good food. We went on a picnic yesterday, it was really good and really pretty! When they said we were going to a park I thought they meant like those small ones like at home, but it was like going to a Sequoias park or Resort. It was gorgeous! Vineyards, a billion different trees, grass fields, everything! It was really relaxing, and peaceful, other than the hiking up the mountain. It was so sweet! 😊

The foods here aren't all that different from what we have at home, they're just more fresh and a bit different in some ways. Like the one yogurt we keep getting... I ate it wrong the first time and it was weird but the second time when I knew I had to mix in the weird jelly stuff on the top it was really good! 😊 But yeah, not much is different. Favorite food... Not sure yet, their cereal here is pretty good 😅

I've gotten to know my companion a lot better over this week and I love her!! Seriously, God knew what he was doing when he had me be with her. She's so sassy, like me, we find the same things funny or awkward, we both do ballroom at BYU, yeah, just a lot is similar and we both get along really well! 😊

The language is hard but coming word this week "Teuer" is "expensive," I've learned that one! 😂

Well, love you all!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!!


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