June 4, 2016


Provo MTC


Sister Claire Bernheisel

I've survived my first week!

Some of my experiences and thoughts this week:
My first Sunday here at the MTC was good. We had a “new sisters” devotional on how to dress, basically it restated everything on the website. Then we had Relief Society which was really good. One sister shared a story from her first time teaching and having a scripture come to mind and it helped her to know what she needed to do. It was a cool story. We had sacrament meeting and I didn't have to give a talk! I was so happy! Choir was awesome! We're going to premiere a new song written by Elder Bednar and we'll be singing it with some of his grandchildren. Then we went to the devotional on becoming more Christ-like which was also really good.

Mornings always start out a bit rough just because we have to get up so early and every time I wake up I still think I am at home in bed and then the realization that I am not hits me and throws things off a little. Anyway, weekdays we follow a usual routine, which is, go to study, go to breakfast, go to class, teach our investigator, study, exercise, class, more study…

One of the sister's companions are leaving for Germany and she still has one more week here at the MTC, her name is Sister Baker and she is going to Saint George Visitors Center, speaking German. She is now my companion, along with Sister Bernheisel. I love her so much! It makes me a bit sad that we only have her for one week and then she goes off to St. George.

The exercise is pretty fun. We went out to the field and played volleyball. I'm not very good at it at all, but it was fun to try and watch.

Teaching is going better. Our lesson with Jenny went lot better today. I spoke without reading the words and we kind of broke the ice a little about her non belief in God. The German is coming slowly. I know I need to be patient but it's hard sometimes. The days here feel like weeks and the weeks feel like months, but at the same time I find it crazy that is only been one week. I'm okay with the MTC but I won't say that I'll not be happy to leave.

The following are the answers to questions asked this week:

How did your talk go? Making it was fine. I didn't have to give it though which was really nice, and I won't have to do it this week either because it's fast Sunday.

How is your district - are you like a family? Yeah we're pretty close, we joke and talk a lot during our breaks and help each other out when needed. The sad thing is that me and my comp. are the only ones going to Frankfurt and all the rest are going to Berlin... so we'll end up getting split.

How is the language understanding and speaking coming? Understanding is getting harder as they throw out more complicated words/ start to speak faster. Speaking is coming just not as fast as I'd like. But I've only been out for just over a week so I'm trying to tell myself that I'm doing pretty well for just that amount of time.

Share a spiritual experience or two from this week: The temple I would say was great last week. We did endowments as a zone and it was really cool. The spirit there was strong and I just felt really at peace, and since it was still towards my beginning here I was having a bit of a rough time and I felt close to my Heavenly Father in that moment and it was just nice to feel that.

Anything funny happen? Haha many, but I think my favorite was when Elder Watson taught us his arm circles routine! haha, we were like half asleep and so he decided to teach us it. It's arms circles with a repeat after me song. The words are pretty funny: I love arm circles, arm circles I adore, and just when I can't feel them, I'll do them a little faster/bigger/slower/smaller. Hahaha! it was so funny we couldn't sing or do the arm circles with him because we were laughing so hard!

Do you participate in choir, play your violin, or other things? Me and Emily are planning on doing a song with a few other people I think it's like a Come thou Fount/ High to Kolob. I do sing in the choir too! 🙂

What is your favorite food? Least? My favorite here is the cookies and the fruit. My least is everything else ;) haha the food here is not very good, and in every meal there's something with potatoes. I swear after the MTC I'll never want anything potato ever again.

I loved receiving the letters and the package was wonderful and much-needed thank you! I love you soooo much!!!! I hope you have a fantastic week!



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