October 26, 2017


Essen, Germany


Erica Fried

Fruits of the Spirit!

This week has been good, a lot of finding, we taught also, but not all of our investigators could meet. And I've been sick, have a slight cough at night and in the morning, and a bit of a runny nose, but it's been starting to get better the last few days, so I'm hoping that tomorrow it's gone. But other than that I'm still alive, working hard, and am doing my best to stay focused. My president asked me in my interview about what goals I have after the mission and before I go. Also, he did a temple recommend interview and I got a new one in German!! :3 Mission conference was so cool! I got to see everyone that I haven't seen since the beginning of my mission and more!! :3 I got to say hello to everyone that I've ever served with! It was cool to see them all :3 I got to talk to Sister Tait before the meeting started, haha, I've missed her and I got to meet my great granddaughter! Haha made me feel super old though! X3

Teaching has been good, still could be busier... but some of our investigators were too busy to meet this week. But, all our investigators are good, they're making progress.

We met with a potential this week that we are hoping to see again! He's super nice and we had the meeting on Sunday but because he's a guy we couldn't do it in the church, and also because it was Sunday we couldn't go into a café.... so we had the lesson outside... thankfully it wasn't too cold, but towards the end of the lesson it started to rain a little... he was so nice and didn't care and even offered to buy something for us not to be in the rain, but we told him we were almost done with the lesson. Then after he still offered it to us because he wanted to thank us for teaching him, we of course still had to tell him no and told him that in our religion we don't buy things on Sunday. He was very nice about it all and told us that next time he'd meet with us on a Monday, haha. :3

Galatians 5: 22-23 is a really good scripture about the fruits of the spirit. I think sometimes we all ask ourselves the question of "am I really feeling the spirit or is this from the spirit?" Well read this scripture, any of these things or feelings are from the spirit. God is not complicated, he uses simple ways to talk to us. I know that if it is good it is of God, I know that if it makes us truly happy or peaceful that it is also from God. I know that we can know all things through the gift of His Holy Spirit. This gift is given to all those who have entered into the covenant and it will always be with us, if we listen, it's quite a clear voice.

Well I hope you've had a good week! And I hope you have an even better week this week!!! Love you, Sister Jessica Freeman


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