September 28, 2017


Essen, Germany


Erica Fried

I Love my Sister!

Family and Friends,

We don’t do too much here on p-days normally but I have enjoyed playing basketball the last few weeks ;3 haha, there is a good place to shop here but, but I can't do that... haha, so again, basketball is usually my go-to p-day activity. ;3 But guess what…we're going to the Zoo in Duisburg today, so that'll be fun! But it also means I won't have a ton of time to email today so.... sorry if I don't get to your individual questions and emails.

My predictions for transfers are that Sister Fried and I STAY here TOGETHER... I want to have a really good friend as my companion for my last transfer.... and Sister Fried is going to send me home! We just got Harry Potter blankets for each other as our sister gifts – she got Ravenclaw and I got Gryffindor! I love my Sister Fried!

This has been a good week, we got two new investigators!! And one is a girl!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, that doesn't happen very often. :3 Her name is Mahsooli and she's super nice. We shared the first lesson with her and she was just all smiles and told us how when she reads the Book of Mormon she feels peace like how she does when she does Yoga, haha! It was so cute! X3 She met with missionaries before and had a Book of Mormon. She was just beaming with happiness! Oh, I love her so much! We gave her a chapter to read on baptism because she had so many questions about that, and she said she really wants to meet again! :3 The other is Kamal and we talked about the first lesson as well. He finds the Book of Mormon pretty interesting and said he would gladly read it, he also came to FHE this week!

We're hoping for another new investigator who also came to FHE on Monday and who is just so cute and shy but we got his number; he also came to church for the first two hours! I really hope we can teach him! He's super nice! Before he came into the gym to play volleyball with us, I found him just standing in the Kapelle (chapel) looking around with a small smile on his face, I think he really liked church and that he's sensitive to the feelings of the spirit :3 His name is Mustafa! So we’re praying and hoping to teach him!! He's gonna get baptized! :3

We also got 4 potentials this week! Rayika and her children have been sick, so we have not been able to teach them the new member lessons this week, but we called them yesterday and set up a meeting for next week. :3 We have 4 meal appointments this month with members...which is different from my last area. I love Schwester Neu and Schwester Ziert! They are both just so nice! :3

I want to share a quote from a talk I read this week. It reminded me of how grateful I am to know my purpose! And that I'm not alone as I go through this life. We each have a divine nature and destiny, we were all sent here for specific reasons, and the Lord is always going to be on our side cheering us on to reach our divine potential! “We may not see it now, but everything we do, every day we live is for a purpose. And we have a Heavenly Father who will always be there to lift us up and cheer us on.” - Virginia H. Pearce

Love you all! Have an AMAZING conference weekend! Sister Jessica Freeman


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