February 28, 2022




Sister Lilia Guzman

Week 17: Big Changes!

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Tuesday, February 22:

As I mentioned last week, we got to go to the Temple to do Baptisms! It was so nice to be able to go inside and feel the peace that comes from it!

Sister Guzman and I found a yummy breakfast restaurant called The Shack which was fun!

We had a good p day getting ready for the new Sister coming in! Big big changes are headed our way!

Wednesday, February 23:

What a big day!! We drove to Frontenac. I can't believe I'm done with training and I'm turn-around training, but it's here and I'm embracing it! So who is my new companion you ask? The sweet Sister Ravsten from Huntington Beach, California! She's so outgoing and bright and I can tell she is fit for this work. I'm so excited to continue working with her!

On the way back to our area we got us some Cane's because we LOVE cane's! Haha. We took her straight to Bishop's house so they could meet each other and it was awesome. When she said it was her first day, Bishop looked at me and opened his mouth like, "you're a trainer?!" I could tell it was a proud moment for him haha.

We also had dinner at the Zenders and Sister Ravsten is already so amazing. She was asking them questions left and right and they were talking more than they've ever talked with us!! This is going to be so good!

Thursday, February 24:

It's not fun sending off all these missionaries! Sister Guzman headed to Argentina and the weather was so snowy. We were worried about the driving circumstances so we called Bishop and he and Aleyna offered to drive us to the mission office and back. He's so awesome. On the way home, Bishop took us to this Asian Market in the city. Haha it was interesting but lots of fun!

Sister Ravsten and I headed back home and got to work! She's so ready and diligent it's the best.

Thought: Challenges are REAL. I have felt so worried lately that I'm not going to be good enough and the stress of knowing that it's my turn to train has been hard! And saying goodbye to my trainers and that phase of my mission wasn't easy! But as I've focused on who I'm with now, who I am now, and where I'm at right NOW, I realize that Heavenly Father has me right where I need to be. I can't do this alone and I don't want to do it alone. I have Him to walk me through this work, and I know that I will accomplish the plan He's laid out for me because I will work with Him.

In your challenges and trials, remember who stands by you. Remember who walks beside you and loves you. It's the Lord! He will never abandon or forsake you. He does not lie. It will all be okay.

Friday, February 25:

We had District Council with our new District and it was so fun! We set some Transfer goals and us Union Sisters realized how amazing we did on our goals last Transfer! We 'finna do better than we did last Transfer and it's going to be awesome! I can tell this is going to be a good next 6 weeks!

This work is great and the church is true!

Saturday, February 26:

We had a good and productive day! Sister Ravsten is a superstar.

Thought: Sometimes, when we do our Facebook finding, it's hard! People can be rude for no reason and it makes me feel down. But I've been learning to not take things personally and to take rejection as a sign from the Lord to find those who are ready for the Gospel. There are so many souls just waiting for us!! I love God for giving me the opportunity to strengthen my resilience in Him. He's the best because He gives the best!


Sunday, February 27:

We had a good Sunday! Sister Ravsten got to meet the ward members and Bishop had her go up and talk about the Jewish tradition that Shiva is. Brother Ezell grew up an Orthodox Jew, and his mother passed away unexpectedly this week. So they will be doing Shiva for a couple of days to honor her. Isn't my ward so cool?

We also contacted a lot of people from Area Book and had some good phone calls which always makes me feel loads better!! I love how fulfilling this work is.


When I found out I was training… haha (February 21)

The wind was not our friend (February 21)

Another picture with our sweet Kylie! (February 22)

Unloading Sister Guzman's things at the mission office...haha Bishop. (February 24)

Me n' Sister Ravsten! (February 27)


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