November 26, 2021




Sister Kylee Mills

Week Three!

Thursday, November 18:

My first whole day here at the MTC! We got to go to the temple in the morning to do an endowment session and it was exactly what I needed. The Spirit was so strong and I enjoyed experiencing the Provo temple. We all got our classic district picture in front of the temple! Since it was my pday, I was able to go back to my room to message my family. I love them so much!

We met with our Branch President later that night and I got to meet one on one with him and his sweet wife.

Friday, November 19:

It was our first day of classes in person today! It is so much fun being here with my whole district. We all get along well and try to focus on our missionary purpose.

These sweet Sister missionaries in another district give us advice each night, and on Friday they told us to talk as little as we can when teaching our lessons. They said that those kind of lessons are the most meaningful. They're so sweet! They're going to do so well out in the field!

Saturday, November 20:

What a special day. I feel that each day here is so sacred, new, and special.

Class went great! Sister Mills and I got up in front of everyone and we gave a quick lesson about faith!

Sister Mills and I also had a helping others lesson with the same person as last week, and it was wonderful. We got to be in person and I shared my personal story about the faith that I have grown to get where I am today.

Sister Parry (a Sister in my district) and I had a really great one on one chat about similar trials we've been through. She has such a beautiful Spirit and is such a beautiful person! I know God places the people in our lives for a set reason. There are no coincidences!

Sunday, November 21:

I love Sunday's as a missionary! I swear the days just get better and better here. I gave a talk on faith and it went great!

We got to sit and just study by ourselves for two hours. It was so amazing. I felt so much love from my Savior and Heavenly Father. We really focused on how to exercise our faith in Christ's atonement. We had a neat devotional with our MTC president and got to do a reflection afterwards with my district! It's so fun being here.

Monday, November 22:

Busy day! We had class and learned about asking effective questions. I got to go to the MTC store to get some souvenirs and I got packages in the mail from my family! It's so fun to laugh and have fun with my district, and to learn with them too! One thing I studied this day was the Christlike attributes I need to work on. I encourage whoever has a Preach My Gospel to go in the back of chapter 6: Christlike Attributes, and take the self-assessment on what things you can work on to be more Christlike! I promise that as you do this, your heart will be opened and you will change for the better!

Tuesday, November 23:

I was tired in the morning, but I remembered there is nowhere else I'd rather be than here!! Being a missionary is so rewarding already! We learned how to use Facebook and it was so fun! Sister Mills and I got a chance to go up to the sixth floor to recuperate and study. We also had a General Authority come speak to us! Elder Dunn! He spoke to us about diligence and resilience and I got to sing in the choir!! We sang Sweet Hour of Prayer and the Spirit was so strong! I love the MTC!

Wednesday, November 24:

Breakfast was the yummiest day. Eggs, bacon, and hash browns! Haha. Sister Abercrombie taught us how to teach the ten commandments and we checked our family tree to see how closely related we all are! Sister Mills and I are fourth cousins once removed!! Haha, anyway...we went to the sixth floor to study in-between classes and it was so wonderful. You get an amazing view of the Provo temple, the mountains, the windmills on the south side, West mountain, and more! It was our last day with Sister Morgan today :/ She is so awesome. I had a good day! I am so happy!

Thursday, November 25:

THANKSGIVING. Today seriously just got better and better and better and better. This morning, Elder Stevenson spoke to us! He went over steps to becoming a more focused and diligent missionary. He called it the "Missionary Pillars of Gratitude" It was so amazing. One thing I took from it was that we need to remember that our success is defined by our commitment to the work! And that God called us to this missionary work because He trusts and loves us! I also sang in the choir! We sang Come Thou Fount!!

Afterwards, we ate our big Thanksgiving feast and it was so delicious. They had everything to make you feel at home! We got to hear from Sister Eubank who is the First Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency! She talked to us about sharing our testimonies.

Then we did a fun service project! I met an Elder going to Washington DC and he was awesome to talk to! And guess what?! Elder Stevenson stopped me and shook my hand and talked to me!! It was so cool.

We ate sacked dinners and then got to relax in our rooms for a bit.

In the evening, guess who came to play the piano?! John Schmidt from the Piano Guys!!! His wife Michelle was there too! Oh my goodness the Spirit was so present and beautiful. He played Coldplay, Taylor Swift, his famous song "All of Me", and more.

Then to end the day, we got to see the Christmas lights on the trees outside and they had Christmas music blaring through the speakers. To say it was the best day of my life is an understatement.

Thanksgiving in the MTC is the best and it will be a day I will never forget!

1. Sister Mills and I pointing to St Louis on the famous world map!

2. My desk in class.

3. Thanksgiving lunch.

4. THE John Schmidt and his wife!

5. Sister Mills and I at the lights.

6. My district and I at the lights!


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