June 29, 2023



Sister Schwalger


Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

My companion Sister Schwalger is on her last transfer, so we have been doing a lot of meetings and interviews. Also, we are getting a new mission president! Our current president is trying to do all of the departing missionaries before he leaves this Thursday. That's going to be kind of hectic but fun to meet them both.

This week was literally a blur and I don't know how to even type all of it up but wow…

Tuesday/Wednesday- Had to do an exchange with the STL's and got to go back into Spanish!!! Had so many lessons and my Spanish was still good. I'm still not fluent but it's going to get better. We had lunch with this really nice lady, and she let us take some food home. Then we had Dinner at this other member's house, and it was really fancy and even the rice was in the shape of a pyramid lol. I ended up spilling salad all over me then my comp spelt juice all over her, so it was an equal mess.
Thursday- Had Zone Conference the whole day and talked about the new Preach my gospel that came out and the new area book. We got to share testimonies of the departing missionaries and talk more about building a foundation of Christ! Then had dinner at the end.
Friday - Had a Fun exchange with some sisters. I was with Sister Hansen and Sister Kocsis (Two Redheads) and had such a fun time with them. All of our companions had gone for the rest of the day to do some last things before they left the mission. They got to go to the temple and eat at the president's house while we just did missionary work. We had cool lessons and one with the crazy fun dude who built his house all colorful. And had the inside of his house decked out with flags from all over. After that lesson with that dude for way too long we got slushies as a snack break and then had dinner with the Jagger family and took sooo many leftovers… we dropped the desert (fruit cake) on the way back which was super sad, but we laughed soo much cause of how clumsy we were. Then that whole night we just talked about teaching in the mission and girl things while we waited for our companions which didn't get back till 10pm sooo we stayed up late and enjoyed our mashed-up dessert!!!!
Saturday - Did a lot of contacting and meet an inactive member who needed us to come help her.
Sunday- basically …. Dead … no words … my brain hurt … I was confused yet happy??? Yeah, my brain gave up …. Read below to see the awesome miracles. To help fill in gaps.
Monday - Contacted and had lessons and later went to go fix our car. There's a dude around our apartment complex who is vandalizing people's properties and our car light got hit. Sooo we had to go to the car dealership to try and get an estimate of how much our car might cost to replace the light in the front of our car we waited so long but met cool people in the waiting area. We must've called the guy missionary over 50 times because we didn't know what to do so yeah it was great! Got done in 2 hours but it was a cool experience …. Speaking about cars, apparently, I've been speeding a lot and I'm in the yellow area .... which means I possibly…might not drive…but if I actually focus, I can drive till the end of the transfer!!!!
I hate Tee Wee…. (Device in our car to track us)

☆ Emma is still on date for baptism and we taught her most of the principles with fellowship. The ward wants her to get involved in young women activities and have her go to girl's camp which is great!!.... but they want her to get baptized earlier so she can go…. So, we will see but It's going to be a stressful week to figure it all out. The good thing is she really wants to create new relationships with the young girls!!! She met a friend named Ella and they got along so well, and they even went to a pool party for the young women's activities!
☆ Ivan is going to be a long process but he said he wanted to be baptized within 3 weeks or before his birthday which is crazy because he said he wants to jump right into being a member and being a part of it. BUT he needs to be interviewed with the mission president to see if he even is allowed to, so we need to figure that situation out.
☆ Then we got a text from a part member family saying they needed us, and we ended up talking to her and calming the situation down and then she said she wanted to change and come to church more with her 2 kids and we were shocked because she hasn't come in years!!! Anyways she was super amazing and actually came and sat for the sacrament meeting. It was going great, and she texted us and said she wants to baptize her children this Saturday and we were in shock and were like what…. anyways were going to have to tell her it will take longer for her to get baptized but wow!!! Miracle!!!!!!
(All 3 of these people happened to tell us this on Sunday) Side note: Me and Sister Schwalger were just shocked of what the heck happened after sacrament, and we just sat and just paused and just didn't go to our 2nd hour class because we were just going crazy.
☆ Doug (recent covert) got his temple recommend and will soon get the priesthood
☆ Meet this random cool lady and she was named Paulita and her sister answered and apparently is a member of our church!!! Crazy cool and she wanted her sister to meet us, and we talked to her more and apparently… She speaks Spanish!!! Funny how I do it…. Anyways we kept meeting with her and taught her the plan of salvation in Spanish and English so me and my companion would try teaching together after I translated for her and that was awesome, and she ended up loving it!!!!
☆ Taught my little Brother about the Book of Mormon!!!

Interesting Things That I learned:
○ Apparently, it's a good occupation to be a Speech therapist
○ Tongans like country songs and all of that.
○ LITERALLY LOVE MY COMPANION. She's amazing … listen to such good music and teaches so powerfully!!!
○ I know how to predict someone's future by supongo the Book of Mormon
○ Our Zone does epic videos to introduce Zone goals (FULL house vibes)

Spiritual thought: Atonement of Jesus Christ and His Will

I have been thinking so much of how much the atonement has made an impact in my life. I sometimes catch myself bearing testimony of it because it has truly changed me and my attitude to do the will of the Lord constantly!!! I learned that True conversion is choosing to accept what God's will is for us and be guided by the Holy Ghost in what we do on a day-to-day basis. It doesn't happen overnight I'll tell you that.

I love this quote from Elder Quentin L. Cook in the April 2022 general conference.
"The blessings of sharing the gospel include increasing our conversion to the will of God and letting God prevail in our lives. We bless others to experience a “mighty change” of heart. There is truly eternal joy in helping to bring souls unto Christ. Laboring for the conversion of oneself and others is a noble task."

Now …. There are some days where I forget and feel unmotivated to do the work because it doesn't bring fast success… I sometimes question why God's will for me had to be in a certain way. I like to compare this to my favorite movie…. Karate Kid

When Mr. Miyagi was asked to train the kid, he knew it would take some time for him to prepare but he first made him do some chores around the house…. Like Wax on, Wax off or when he's painting the Wall a certain way or even making him do things that don't even involve him fighting. The kid would ask later on "Why am I doing this? When am I actually going to fight?" But Mr. Miyagi had been training him the whole time to get the basics down and know the specific hand moves and taught him line upon line until he knew the kid was ready. Those chores he didn't want to do actually were moves that helped him in fighting!
I feel like we want fast success in everything, but we need to know that we will have to undergo things we don't want to go through or it's not the way we thought it would be to get there. The will of God can help us prepare for life and teach us line upon line as a progressing upward climb on a Hill. We will find change in ourselves as we have help from Jesus Christ's atonement.

Scripture: Mosiah 5:2
And they all cried with one voice, saying: Yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us; and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.

●"Thank the sock and move on"
●"Be a potato" … Rawrrr


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