November 29, 2022



Hermana Loosli


Hola de nuevo soy yo

Today was District P-day! We had a white elephant gift exchange at the church this morning. I had to find one useless gift and one good gift to give as a present. My gift to give was basically a Mexican Jesus Candle with some Hot Tamales (candy) along with some candy to make it good. When I gathered all my things together my comp told me we can't light candles, which was an even more perfect reason to give it away!! I put it in a huge amazon box and everyone was super curious about it. Anyways we did the gifts and at first, I got an Armadillo but then switched it for a Top Gun movie with a coconut drink and pocky sticks! Super fun but then we played dodgeball and ultimate frisbee! I may have played in a dress… listen…I forgot to bring clothes to change into but I was super good at both! I had so much fun and definitely got some good laughs out of it !!!

Let's see something interesting this week:
Finished the Jesus Puzzle !!!!
Got to put a Book of Mormon in a little library
My comp has Holes in all her socks !!! Also gave my companion a 30 min message because her back is basically hard to crack.
Christmas music is a BOP now- David Archuleta is a babe
Almost got hit by a car while standing in the street.
Saw a police chase with a helicopter above them trying to arrest a dude
Also saw another police incident while driving… the cops speed past us and pulled up to the curb and tasered a guy on the sidewalk…three more cops pulled up…fun times in Sac Town
Made thanksgiving letters to give out to members of the church
Zone Conference!! 7 hours long but so worth it!! Had an early Christmas dinner and got to see other missionaries
Sang a song for zone conference "Oh come ye faithful"
Left my mission to go to the Roseville Mission …only for 20 mins
Learned how to conduct! 4/4 ... Go Down… hit your tag … hit your companion on the right…then back down. - grateful for members' advice
Saw The Office trivia game !!!!!

Spiritual thought:
Light the World!!!! I love teaching Light The World messages while getting into the Christmas spirit! Especially when it's all centered around Christ and his birth!! We had a visit with this member that just moved into our ward, her name is Teresa! She is amazing and we shared President Russel M. Neilson's video to open up the Christmas season! Her granddaughter who was 4 years old joined in and she was very interested to hear about Jesus and his birth. She was so pure and even asked us, "Is Jesus Christ real?". That really made me feel so much joy and happiness to respond confidently to say yes. A lot of people here on earth don't know our Savior or even believe God is real. This reminded me of my purpose as a missionary here which is to bring that light of knowledge to them! I can say that Jesus is real and he came into this world to teach us his ways and he sacrificed his life for our sins which was an infinite and eternal sacrifice. I try to be like him every day while I'm here on my mission.

Alma 38: 9
" And now, my son, I have told you this that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn of me that there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. Behold, he is the life and the light of the world. Behold, he is the word of truth and righteousness."

"OH, HE'S SO HOT…. Is that lusting…." - us talking about celebrity crushes … I promise our hearts are locked ahah
" The Mississippi girl knows more Spanish than me"
"I can speak the gift of tongues alright" - the lady who spoke to us In gibberish or her own language.
"Can we rent a Baptist Bus?"- Mexicans don't have cars
"Google translate is tonto" - tried to look up the Afganistán language and it doesn't let us hear what it sounds like to be able to speak it to people here


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