March 18, 2017



Week 1!!

HOLA MI FAMILIA. I litterally have been here for four dias and I only talk in spanish. We have learned so much in these last few dias. I love the CCM it is such a beautiful experience. I am never coming home haha. I litterally have no time to even think. At first that really discouraged me, but I was podering this morning during personal study, and I realized that if I have time to think (be sad, think about family, friends, home) then I am not working hard enough. So I am sorry if I don't write enough, or thank everyone enough, but Heavenly Father's work is fast pased and there is barely enough time usar el bano!
It was great! I am still in shell shock from everything that is going on haha. but I am getting used to it! YO SOY REPRESENTANTE DE JESUCRISTO! I love the scripture Nephi 14:14 if you guys will go and read it for me! That is my favorite! We taught 3 investigators our very first day (in engles), and it was amazing. Kaitlyn is planning to marry her lds fiance and wanted to know more about this gospel. She was so sweet and had lots of questions! Then, we taught Lance, he is a retired cop and he has such burdens from his job of things he had to do to protect the law, and he was amazing. We taught him about our loving savior and his atonement! We also taught Debi, and her whole family is Lds, but someone in the church offended her and she never went back. This hit me hard, the "church" is an organization of imperfect people. They are only trying to do their best. THE GOSPEL is perfect! It is everlasting! And we all need to focus on that part. The "church" is just a tool God uses to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That lesson was very touching to me!
Another scripture that really touched my heart was Moses 6:31 talking about keeping your goals in sight! I have already made so many goals and each day I work to achieve them! We also learned about "The Perfect Lie" we think that
Me+More=Christ and that is so untrue!
Me+Christ= More! Let us come unto Christ always and we can achieve anything we want!
My companion's name is Hermana Dickson, she is so cute! She really lifts my spirits. We work very well together. She is also from Ogden and is going to the same mission as me. We have two other girls in our room Hermana Karpa y Hermana Cluff. They are so sweet. They named me the "Queen of Cuteness" hahaha. I do cute little things for them, and we all have a blast! always laughing! We all have nicknames and that is mine. I guess they like me alittle. Joking! We have such love for eachother it isn't like anything I have ever experienced!
A mission is a very humbling experience! It is a fresh start surrounded by people with the same goals as me! It is such an incredible thing!! I now can say I know what a "spiritual high" is, and can I be honest and say I never want to not have this feeling! Something that really reminded me of my sweet sister Siera is called God's purpose for families: "The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in Holy Temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for Families to be united eternally!!" On day 3 Hermana Dickson and I taught our first lesson in entire spanish! It was crazy, was the spanish coming out of my mouth?! haha I have concluded that the gift of tongues was coming out of my mouth haha.
I love my district! They are so amazing! I cannot express to you the happiness I feel here. It is exactly where I need to be! So I actually have a tablet! So I can read your emails during the week, but I can't respond. Thankyou for all your encouraging words. I really am so greatful for all of you and your love and support.
I am really short on time, the schedule is crazy here and I am bound to excersise my exact obedience, so forgive me of my grammar. I just want to write all this in spanish haha. But I would like you guys to send me any questions you have! I am more then happy to answer!
I would like to bear my very first testimony that I made the first day in our clase. It has grow 10 times since then. haha.
Testimonia de orar
El Dios esuchamos orar. El Dios tiene mucho amor a usted. Su familia tienen mucho amor para usted. El libro de Mormon es de correcto. Escucharlo. Jose smith ora del Dios y recibir responder a que preguntas. Mucho amo del Dios, NO? Jose smith restraudo el evangelio! Confio! Te amos mi familia. Te amos.
Hasta Luego!!!
Hermana Jacy Bennett


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