May 11, 2020


Braunschweig, Germany


Sister Munch


The other day as we were people watching we saw an old grandma being walked by a younger woman and I was like, "Ahh that's so cute" and then Sister Münch whispered, "That will be us on Monday and you'll be the old fart." That's right people, I'm the newest member of the Old Fart Club because I finally hit the big 20!!! Thank you SO much for all the birthday wishes, it has made my birthday the BEST!!!
This week has been a little slower because everyone canceled on us:') BUT there were still a lot of good highlights! Sooo I'll name a few:
- First and foremost...WE'RE BREAKING FREE, WE'RE SOARIN, FLYIN. The restrictions here in Germany are slowly but surely being lifted wahoo! Sister Münch and I did a lot of studies in the park this week and it was the best getting some fresh air!
- Our district had a dance off, say what?! So everyone sent videos of themselves dancing into the group chat. Seriously the best thing ever, highly recommend 10/10. But really though people, do a little dance this week!! It's good for your soul!!
- Since I don't know Braunschweig super well, I got us lost a couple times...surprise surprise amiright?? It also resulted in a few people yelling at us because we don't know how to bike properly. If you don't know, Germans take their biking very seriously, but don't worry we'll be pros in no time
- I won a competition with an elder to see who could put the most fruit balls in their mouth #sistersarenumber1
- THE BEST HIGHLIGHT: I got to take the sacrament for the first time in almost 2 months!!!
Today, a year ago, I went through the temple for the first time and can I just say it has changed my life! As I've reflected on this past year I have seen how much the Lord has guided me and shaped me. As we keep our covenants, it brings POWER and STRENGTH into our lives. As we remember Heavenly Father's and Jesus Christ's goodness, it brings LOVE and JOY into our lives. I know that we have a loving God who does not break His promises with us, but multiplies them! I know that He is constantly showing us the way and through Him we can become the best versions of ourselves.
Y'all are the best!!
Sister Mooring


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