April 13, 2020


Braunschweig, Germany


Sister Wilson

Water Balloons, Artists, and Blessings

I would like to let you all know that we are on day 26 of quarantine over here:') Our main source of entertainment this week was our across the street neighbors who are always out on their balcony. We named them Luke, Mary, Kate and Ashley. Probably because they are getting bored of quarantine, they decided to spice it up a bit and they got water balloons to throw at people walking on the streets...not cool. Not gonna lie though, a little bit (really) grateful because it's pretty interesting to watch hehe! We've considered buying water balloons and throwing it at them too. I'll keep you updated.
We also got a little artistic this week and decided to make bookmarks for all the youth in our ward! We wrote the youth theme for this year "Ich will hingehen und tun" and did some water coloring. Be watching out for my masterpieces in galleries near you;) Really though, I am not an artistic person whatsoever and especially next to Sister Wilson's, BUT it's the thought that counts. I feel bad for the kids that get mine hehe whoops.
Well we saw some more #blessings this week, including that the members continue to bring us mountains of food. I really think we have at least 6-8 weeks of food storage because the members think we are starving. They are so thoughtful #blessedwiththebest. I gave a talk in our online sacrament meeting and somehow got through it #megablessed. We got a referral from a man who referred himself and got to meet with him over the phone, which was super awesome! He's really eager to progress and learn more. #blessingsonblessings
I just want you all to know that I love my Savior with all my heart!! I am so grateful for His atoning sacrifice and that He knows how to perfectly succor us. Elder Jeffrey R Holland said, "Succor means literally 'to run to'. What a magnificent way to describe the Savior's urgent effort in our behalf. Even as He calls us to come to Him and follow Him, He is unfailingly running to help us." I LOVE THAT. I know that He knows us and He is running towards us! I know that He lives for us so we can come unto Him and live again.
Have the best week!
Sister Mooring


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