April 6, 2020


Braunschweig, Germany


Sister Wilson

Wait, Quarantine is a Blessing?

Hallo wieder!
Well, well, well another week down in quarantine!! Somehow I still haven't gone completely insane so that's a miracle in itself!! The quarantine life is a good life, a HARD one, but a good one. There have been a lot of tender mercies that I've seen as I've had to do missionary work and just life in general a little differently. Something that has kept me going is the fact that God knows what's going on and He has a plan that's bigger and better than we could ever imagine.
SO, this week as I was about to lose my marbles from boredom, (just kidding we do a lot of work still) our apartment got klingeled and it was music to my hears. It got even better when I opened up a package that has now changed my quarantined life forever. Thanks to my wonderful parents I am now a proud owner of ping pong paddles and balls. THAT'S RIGHT. (Broden I challenge you to a game when I get home) The first tender mercy of quarantine: we can develop and work at new skills!!
As a mission, we are doing a cleaning contest to see who can have the cleanest apartment. They give us one room at a time that we should focus on and then we send in pictures so they can see. This last week we got to deep clean our bathroom (yay!!!) and ohhh boy it's a whole new world. Today we were able to deep clean our kitchen and wow squeaky clean I tell ya. Although it took a lot of hard work, the reward of feeling lighter and cleaner was well worth it. Cleanliness invites the presence of the Spirit! The second tender mercy of quarantine: we can work on our physical (AND spiritual) cleanliness to invite the Holy Ghost more strongly in our lives.
Lastly, how could I not bring up General Conference? WAS IT NOT SO AMAZING? All throughout the 4 different sessions, the Spirit was testifying to me so strongly that President Russell M Nelson is a prophet of God. He talks to God and receives revelation to lead the Church of Jesus Christ. When I was listening to the words spoken, I learned how I can more clearly and regularly hear my Savior. I'm grateful I have this time set aside from the world to focus more on Him. The third tender mercy of quarantine: we can step away from the world and learn how to hear Him.
The most amazing, talented Thomas Rhett said, "In a world full of hate, be a light." I know there's a lot of anger, confusion, and darkness in the world right now, but we can show the world that there's still LIGHT. Jesus Christ is the light. We can use our skills and talents, our ability to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with us, and our knowledge how to hear Him, to be an instrument in His hands in order to spread the light to those in need. I know He is there. I know He loves us. I know He is the light and the life of the world!
Let your light shine;)
Sister Mooring


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