March 30, 2020


Braunschweig, Germany


Sister Wilson

Still Quarantined

Hallo meine liebe Familie und Freunde!
Oh meine Güte! I don't really know what to say because I feel like all the days mesh into each other, so I don't know what's happened. We've had a lot of success with lessons over video calls, which has been really awesome. We have a lot of contact with the members and have been able to work with them more than I ever have on my mission so #gesegnet.
Here are some things that have happened this week:
-I tried to convince Sister Wilson to dress up like an alien (it didn't work, but next time)
- Sister Wilson made a torte
- we did A LOT of people watching out of our windows
- had some good lessons with Danielle, Yang, Robert, Schwester Brendel and the Heruds
- went on walks for morgen sport
- had an online proselyting training...we realized we know absolutely nothing about how to use social media:-) #stressballs
- President Leimer told us we are the last foreign missionaries standing and there's about 2,000 of us in Europe so like...#striplingwarriors
- it snowed!!!!
This week we've had some extra time to study the Restoration to get ready for General Conference, which has been SO COOL. I promise if you read Jospeh Smith History (all the way through) and study the Restoration, you will learn something new. This is it people, we've been waiting 6 months for this General Conference and now IT'S THIS WEEK. Are you prepared?! Are you pumped?! If you aren't, start now!! I know Joseph Smith really saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know he was called of God to restore the true church upon the earth and we are so blessed because of it. I know we have a loving God who speaks to His children today. I invite you to really think about how you #HearHim!!
Sister Mooring


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