March 9, 2020


Stadthagen, Germany


Sister Webber

Country Road Take Me Home

Hallo Familie und Freunde!
This week was a little slower because #coronavirus. Everyone is going a little crazy about it so no one wants to meet and risk getting it. Basically corona is ruining our's awesome:´) Speaking of which, we also had to make a 14 day food storage kit, so don't worry we are prepared!! I'm still safe and healthy out here.
Since we didn't have a ton of appointments, we made some ROLO cookies (booyah) and decided to take them to some less actives up in didn't go as planned. First of all our GPS (Debra) led us into the middle of nowhere. We were on this tiny little backroad with no civilization around us, plus it was really rainy and the road had a lot of potholes so we basically were going off roading. Thank you Debra. Then mostly everyone that we tried to visit had moved or weren't home. The one person that was home and opened the door said that she didn't want to see us and to make it better she didn't want our cookies:´) Good thing we had a lot of cookies in the car to cheer us up for our drive home!
We met with Frau Gnebner this week and let me just say that I love her. She is a tough, strong lady with so much sass it's unreal. It is seriously the best ever. My grandma explained the German people to be like their bread, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. That's how I see Frau Gnebner. So you best believe that when we were leaving her house I gave her the biggest hug which took her by surprise, but I saw her smile so #worthit. I'm excited to keep working with her and help her understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ more fully!
Well this week I learned a lot about sacrifice and where my heart is. Sister Leimer sent out a letter to all the missionaries in our mission and at one part she said, "Sacrifice is at the core of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Love is the power that fuels it." HOW COOL IS THAT?! He sacrificed so much for us because He loves us so much. It made me think about what I'm sacrificing because I love Him. Am I giving my best everyday or getting out of bed at 6:30 every morning or helping someone in need? I know that He sees what we do and He loves our efforts no matter what, but I encourage all of you to think about what you can sacrifice to give back to the One who sacrificed the most.
Sister Mooring


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