March 2, 2020


Stadthagen, Germany


Sister Webber


Hello from Stadthagen!!
I left Leipzig, the great people we were teaching and the best missionaries ever, including my bestie Sister Torgerson! Not gonna lie, it was really hard, but I am so happy to be where I am and for all the new experiences/people I get to meet! First, my new companion Sister Webber! She is the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet. I'm really excited to be working with her and I know that I will learn a lot!
This week we've had a few good lessons with some people that have been taught for a while and they are awesome people! I'm stoked to work with them. Also the ward here is SO AMAZING. They are the prime member missionaries and are so willing help us. Seriously so cool. Okay this week we got prepared for the Corona Virus people. Every missionary had to make a 72 hour kit and Sister Webber and I were thriving off of it!! One of the most exciting things in a missionary's life is to make a survival kit:')
So many funny things happened this week so I'm going back to my trusty bullet points
- had a street display but it was windy and it took out our whole display sending it fly everywhere(except a man came over when that happened and we got his contact #score)
- we parked in a garage and was trying to find the place where we pay for it to get out, ended up getting stuck at the gate as a car was coming up behind us so I jumped out of the car to back us up (safety never takes a holiday -paul blart) but we were so stressed out so we could not back up for our lives. Anyways the lady ended up giving us an extra ticket she had #blessings, so we put the ticket in and Sister Webber started driving off without me so I was sprinting up this ramp after her with a pot of flowers in my arms (don't ask)
- we went klingeling and we ran into a man that was high, a half naked lady and many more interesting people
- got lost a few times but what else is new? I dont know what President Leimer was thinking putting me and Sister Webber together because we are both HORRIBLE with directions. This will be fun:)
This week has been crazy and so much has happened! But I have really seen that God puts us in places that we need to be. Our presence, our decisions and our examples has an impact on others. Sometimes we might not even know it, but what we do MATTERS. So trust in God and the situations He puts you in. He knows best! He has a plan!
Love you all!
Sister Mooring
Also shoutout to Elder Lunt, thanks for holding down the fort for me in Leipzig and HAPPY BIRTHDAY(on the 8th)!!!


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