February 24, 2020


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson

The Last Melon

Well you heard it here first folks, I'm leaving Leipzig!! I repeat, I'M LEAVING MY PRECIOUS LEIPZIG. I'm headed to the wonderful dorf of Stadthagen! I'm really excited for what's to come and all the new opportunities that I will have! I'll tell you all about it next week:)
This week was another busy week here full of really awesome things!! Since I have so many things to say and not enough time, I'm gonna do some classic bullet points to sum it all up! I'll add a lot of pictures because that's what's really important right?
- met with Bruder Scherer and talked to him about the Holy Ghost and the role he plays in our life
- had my last appointment with Schwester Karl and my heart broke:(
- super fun english class!!
- got stood up surprise there
- distriktsrat and after had some yummy enchiladas that the Nielsons made for distrikt essen
- STREET DISPLAY!! not to mention that we got a lot of new contacts so #success
- dinner with my fav Brazilian fam, the Silvas
- made cookies with the Gomezs
- it was windy x1000
-Neydi and Henry gave us a Venezuelan bracelet and cute cups for a transfer gifts
- had a 'Venezuelan Party' and ate enough empanadas to last a lifetime #blessed
- said goodbye to all of my favorite people #myheartisbroken
- I tried to teach Sister Torgerson how to do a handstand, but it was not that successful
- the Nielsons took us to lunch for my farewell
- Marc gave me a 'Leipziger' donut
Something that I have been learning a lot about this week is that we have hard times so that we can grow!! How would we be able to progress if we don't stretch ourselves? There was a quote I read this week that said every trial and tribulation, pain and sorrow we have is not a mistake. God only wants us to grow and become better. So remember that when you have hard times in your life that it is for a purpose! God knows what He is doing and He knows what we need in our lives. Trust Him!!
Tune in next week to hear about Stadthagen! Love you!!
Sister Mooring


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