February 17, 2020


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson

We Bought a Zoo

WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! (shoutout to all my soccer girls) Every week I look back at what has happened and all the great opportunities I've had and I feel SO blessed every single time!
So we got to do some more service!! Who doesn't love that right? We were able to help the Jentzsch's continue to get moved out of their house, so we got a long list of things to do. Sister Torgerson and I looked at each other and said alright let's get down to business (to defeat the Huns) and we conquered the whole list! After doing service we always feel so good, so I would challenge all of you to serve someone and see how you feel after! There's a quote I read that says, "Every act of selfless service increases our spirituality." EVERY act. It can be small! So keep that in mind;)
We had some good appointments this week with Bruder Scherer, Schwester Karl, Bernadette, Franyeli and the Gomez family! I love being able to teach people about the happy message of Jesus Christ. It makes me happy to see people realize the joy they can have in their lives. That is what missionary work is all about and that's why it's the BEST. Here's some other things that happened this week:
- We got to celebrate Cecilia's 8th birthday!!!
- English class was superb
- Elders gave us back our 5 week old bread for Valentine's Day and yes it was completely moldy:') #bestelders #blessed
- my eyes have been super red, dry and bloodshot for some reason so it looks like I'm a missionary who's been having too much "fun"
- Got stood up for one of our appointments (picture below)
- We went to the zoo today!!
When we met with one of our friends this week he was saying the closing prayer and he said, "Thank you for sending these people to me." I learned two things from that. First, God really has a plan and He answers people who are seeking. God WILL help us, He WILL answer us and He WILL guide us. We have to take the first steps though and communicate with Him. Don't ever forget the power of prayer! Second, other people can be answers to our prayers and WE can be an answer to someone else's prayers. Don't hesitate to help someone or act on a prompting because you never know if you are exactly what that person needs. You can be an instrument in the Lord's hands! Lastly, don't forget to tell people thank you and that you love them because we are all here to help each other!
Ich habe euch lieb!
Sister Mooring<3


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