February 3, 2020


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson


Hola! Como estas?
Last week this very sweet old man in our ward started speaking Spanish to me and I replied with the very limited Spanish that I know and now everytime he sees me, he says something in Spanish. We are also teaching a lot of Spanish speaking people and somehow I can understand them better than the Germans. Sometimes I have to ask myself, am I in Germany or Guatemala? (shoutout to Elder Lund) I love how I get so many different cultures and people here. "It's the beeeest" -my guy Nacho

OKAY. Well this week was a crazy, busy awesome week. I was quite ill (literally), but the work must go on and it turned into the #illest (if you know you know) week! We got to do more service!! Who doesn't love that right?! (Mosiah 2:17, for all you Book of Mormon fans out there) Sister Torgerson and I got to peel off foil on some windows that were stuck on by gel. #yummy After we got those windows sparkling, we became the best bug exterminators known to man and swept through the house with our brooms and wiped away all those suckers, including the spiderwebs. Wait that's not all!! We also got to clean the bathroom. Thanks to my mom for making me clean my bathroom over the years, we had that bathroom looking brand new. Straight up the best jobs. You might think I'm being sarcastic, but I genuinely enjoyed it. How could you not? SERVICE IS THE BEST.

The Nielsons invited us over for lunch with Henry and Neydi, which was so awesome! We had a super good lunch (the Nielsons are wizards in the kitchen) and a good discussion about the Holy Ghost. It's by acting on the small promptings we receive that can make a big difference! So if you have a thought to do something and it's good, JUST DO IT #nike. I think one thing that I have really learned on my mission is that the Holy Ghost is truly my friend. So find ways that you can make him your friend too! :) #bffs4ever

Now what you've all been waiting for...*drum roll* FRANYELI'S BAPTISM. It was such a good day! I can't explain the Spirit that is felt at a baptism. Even though things don't go perfect, like accidentally filling the font with cold water (oops #mybad) or putting the wrong names on the program (oops #mybad), Franyeli was made perfect in that moment. How amazing is it that God gives us a new start?! He also knows that we won't be perfect after that either, so He gave His Only Begotten Son to atone for us in order for us to keep trying. I love baptisms because I get to see with my own two eyes how happy this gospel makes people and how much the Holy Ghost allows us to feel connected to God.

Something that Franyeli said to me this week was, "Regardless of our circumstances, never lose focus." WHAT. Isn't she awesome?! She understands that there will be hard times, distractions or different voices in this world, but we should always stay focused on Jesus Christ. In today's world, I know that there are so many distractions and sometimes it's so easy to give into them (I've done it myself!!) but I know for 100% that when we are focused on the straight and narrow path that leads back to our loving Heavenly Father, we will have more blessings and happiness then anything the world could ever give us. I know the Church of Jesus Christ is true and it is through Jesus Christ that we can have eternal life.
Bis nächste Woche!
Sister Mooring


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