January 20, 2020


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson

The Bread of Life

Hi my people!
I would like you all to know that today I almost super glued my finger to a shoe, so there's that.
The saddest thing to ever happen to me took place this week...BAMI WENT BACK TO ALBANIA. I know, it's so sad!! He found out on Thursday and that same day he left. Don't worry though, we sent his information to the missionaries in Albania so he will still be progressing and I KNOW that he will be baptized. I'm excited to hear about his progress!!

We got to have another lesson with Schwester Karl and ride with her to English class this week. Our english class ladies make my heart so happy. We translated the book "Der Rogenbogenfisch", which was one of my fav books when I was younger, so basically it was the best. Anyways that was a solid day for sure. The next day we cleaned our little hearts out until our apartment was spotless!! We even got told by the Wiese's who were checking our apartment that we should start our own cleaning watch out for The Moor-Tor Cleaning Crew coming your way #2021!!
We also have been meeting with Franyeli...and y'all...SHE'S ON BAPTISMAL DATE FOR FEB 1ST!! We are so excited!! She is so ready and just the sweetest/cutest human being you will ever meet. This week we also met with the Gomez family and moved their baptismal date to Feb 1st too!! So basically if you think we are pumped for that day, you're right!!
Funny Story:
We were given some bread this week, but we didn't really want/need it so we, being the charitable sisters that we are, decided to give it to the elders. The elders wanted to give it back to us but we insisted they keep it. So that was that. Then the next day when the Wiese's came over for our inspection, Sister Wiese said the elders told her to give us a present, low and behold she pulled out the bread. The elders thought they were funny, but little did they know we had an even better plan. So we called up our trusty allies, the Nielsons. They were very excited to help us and even added in a few of their own things, if that isn't missionaries working in unity, I dont know what is. They told the elders they had a treat for them and delivered our sweet bag of bread. So the moral of the story is: sisters rule, elders drool.

Even though sisters are #1, God still loves all His children!! I have found time and time again that everything He does is for us. The Book of Mormon is for us in these days. Read it!! Study it!! Ponder it!! As you do, I promise you will feel of God's pure love and understand who He wants you to become. He sees us not only as what we are but as what we can become!!
Sister Mooring<3


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