January 13, 2020


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson

Brauchen Sie any Hilife?

Well my title basically sums up my life here in Germany so far #denglish4ever!! The other day as Sister Torgerson and I were walking home, we passed an older lady carrying some groceries and it looked like she was having a hard time so I decided I would see if I could help. I went up to her to ask if she needed help and my brain decided to throw in an English word in there too..she looked a little confused and sweetly declined my offer :´) Alles gut though, you live and you learn.
So this week we got our transfer calls!! You betcha bottom dollar I'm staying another transfer here in Leipzig with Sister Torgerson! I'm so excited to have more time here, I love the city and the people SO much. It's a great place to be I'm telling ya and the work is booming. This week we had a lot of appointments, we ran from one to the other and it was sweet! We got to meet with Bami again and have a SUPER spiritual lesson with him. We decided to be sweetly bold and let him know that he is ready for this next step of baptism and the Spirit was working really hard with us. It was amazing. Unfortunately, he still wants more time to figure it out, but that's okay! We got to meet with him the next day and we will keep meeting with him as much as we can.
We had a good lesson this week with our fav lady of all of Germany, that's right, Schwester Karl!! She is such a spiritual powerhouse and teaches me more than I could teach her! She is so sweet and patient with my German, I have so much love for her. Everyone needs a Schwester Karl in their life. Plus you already know she sent us home with a goody bag full of bread, chocolate, ginger, you know the essentials. She came to our English class this week too! Let me just say our 3 women that come to our class every week are the CUTEST. It is so cool seeing them learn another language, it really motivates me to keep trying! They make me smile!! After English we got to meet with Franyeli who is from Venezuela, but she just moved to Leipzig with her husband. She doesn't know English or German that well, but she still wants to meet with us to learn more about the wonderful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Seriously, everyone we come in contact with are so cool and inspiring!! I love everyone.
Speaking of which, the Gomez family! This family has gone through so much, but their desire to keep learning and growing is amazing! We had talked to them about baptism last week, but they said they wanted some time to prepare for it. So we left the appointment at that, but then within two days they text us and said they wanted to be baptized soon!! We were able to meet with them this week and they basically started the lesson and got it going. They were so eager to talk about their baptism and get it planned. Super cool. They are on date for the 25th, but they have to work some things out before then so we are praying for them. I love the Gomez family with my whole heart.
I just want y'all to know that I LOVE this work. It can be really hard, frustrating and discouraging, but the joy that I feel outweighs all the negative feelings. I know that I feel this abundance of joy because this work is focused on Jesus Christ. When we are focused on Christ we are able to more easily see the good in the world. We can see all the blessings that we are given everyday and His hand in our lives. I know that God's hand is stretched out to us every single day and He is ENGAGED in our day to day life. Read Jacob 6:5 and ask yourself how you can cleave unto God as He cleaveth unto you! I love you all!
Sister Mooring


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