December 16, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Torgerson



Y'all this week was sooo good!! There was a lot of blessings! We got to travel in the freezing cold to Schwester Karl's for a nice lesson, always a good time. When we were leaving she gave us scarves to keep us warm. #gesegnet This week we got to meet with Bami (who's a cook) at the Nielson's apartment and he made us super good chicken curry to go along with a good spiritual lesson #gesegnet Bami is someone that I know we were supposed to meet. He actually told us that we found him at just the right time in his life, which is a miracle. It's so cool that God puts people in our life at the exact time we need it. God is cool.

Henry and Neydi were able to meet with us this week and we actually moved his baptismal date up to this weekend! #gesegnet So on the 21st everyone be thinking and praying for Henry! I can't put into words how happy seeing someone taking a step closer to Christ makes me! Sister Torgerson and I have been giddy girls skipping down the streets all week. #gesegnet

On Saturday we had a crazy full busy day! We got to help a family in our ward move in the morning, so we got our morgen sport in! #gesegnet We got permission to go to a Weihnachtskonzert to support one of our friends! It was SO good and it was in Völkerschlachtdenkmal which is super pretty. So 10/10 would recommend. Plus the Nielson's came with us sooo #gesegnet After the konzert we had another appointment with Henry and Neydi to top off the night.

Other blessings of the week:
- we made our own pretzels
- we went on a run
- marc (just got back from Jerusalem) walked into the church in his get up
- taught a good English class this week

The best blessing I can think of though is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are SO lucky to have the knowledge that we have a loving Heavenly Father and a perfect older brother, Jesus Christ. We can live with our families forever! We can have eternal joy! We can have peace, comfort, guidance and purpose in this life! So all I can say is #gesegnet. Count your blessings this week, big or small.
Love you ALL.
Sister Mooring


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