December 2, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Torgerson

Training, Say What???


Okay here's a quick list of some fun things we got to do this week:
- had an Austausch with the Magdeburg sisters
- did some finding (what could be better?)
- had some lessons with Bami, Nasti, the Bösebecks, the Gomez family and Brüder Scherer
-had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner thanks to the Nielson's
- another Thanksgiving dinner pt 2 thanks for Schwester Karl

One highlight of my week is that we gave the Gomez's some Christmas presents and they were SO happy. It brought me so much joy!! Ahhhh it was the best feeling ever. We gave them some clothes so they could wear it to church and lemme just say they looked good. My heart was so happy:)

We also got transfer calls this week!! Yeah that's right people, the anticipation is real leading up to the call when you find out your fate. Okay here it goes, Sister Esplin is leaving Leipzig:( I'm going to miss her x100!! I will be staying in Leipzig and finishing Sister Torgerson's training! Sooo basically pray for me because I don't know what I'm doing so I'm sure some interesting stories will be coming your way;)

Speaking of good stories, get a load of this folks. On Sunday we were going to church on a Straßenbahn right? So we were just sitting there enjoying the peaceful morning and then I start to hear a waterfall in the background. I was like wow I am in a really peaceful state right now...but then we realized what it really was. There was a man sitting a little bit in front of us making his own waterfall if ya know what I mean. YES HE WAS RELIEVING HIMSELF. He was sitting there so casually just peeing. If that's not a great way to start your Sunday I dont know what is!!

On a more serious note, there is peace in Christ! I know that as we are going through hard times, bad days, or frustrating moments that we can find the comfort we need through our loving Savior. Use His Atonement daily and you will notice the power it brings into your life! I love my Redeemer with my whole heart and I know that He loves us even more then we can comprehend! Take a moment to strengthen your relationship with Him:)
Sister Mooring


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