November 11, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Torgerson

Normal Brown Sugar, Say What?

At the beginning of this week we sent Sister Torgerson off to Berlin so she could get some things done for her Visa. Sooo Sister Esplin and I got to have a little date with each other so we did what anyone would do for a romantic day out...we set off to find brown sugar. Germany doesn't have regular brown sugar, but we found some in an Asian market #booyah! That's a hack for all of you who will visit one day #yourewelcome. Then we made some real American cookies and took them to some families! We also got to visit an older mom and her daughter this week, Sister Esplin played her violin and we all sang hymns. It was so fun, they are so cute. We went to Magdeburg for their distriktrat which is always a good time! Another awesome part of my week was going to dinner with Sister Milham's dad because he was here for work. It was dooope. So it was a good week!
The best parts of this week have been the lessons we've had though! We were able to teach Neydi and Henry at the Silva's house this week and IT WAS SO GOOD. The spirit was present, they gained a good relationship with each other and it was fun. Can it get any better? Today we taught Scherer, he used to be a member, but took his records out, and let me just tell you...he. is. so. awesome. It was SUCH a good lesson. After, I ran out of his apartment building screaming and jumping for joy. You bet your bottom dollar it was that good. Wow, missionary work is the best.
I have been learning that this life really is supposed to be enjoyed! We are made to be happy! We can find joy when we are focused on Christ. When He is at the center of our lives, even though life will not be perfect or easy, we can feel of the eternal happiness He is offering us! I love my Savior and everything that He has given me. I invite you all to watch the Because of Him video, every time I watch it I feel the Spirit SO strongly and feel of Christ's love. He loves us, He protects us, He watches over us, He lives for us and because of Him we can have joy.
Sister Mooring<3


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