October 28, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Torgerson

Aye Matey


What is uuuppp?? Well we got our new cute companion! Her name is Sister Torgerson, she is from Canada (shoutout to Sister Hansen) and she is so great! She took German in school for a few years so she has a good jump on the language, which is super good. She is so ready to be here, I'm excited to learn from her:)

This week Sister Esplin had a MRI, so we got to the appointment but then found out we had to pay in cash. Long story short, we had distriktrat that morning so we called all the elders and had them put all their money together while we were trying to get as much as we could. Ahh man it was so funny, all of us poor missionaries trying to pay for a MRI. Good times. We also had MLC in Dresden and got to visit Elder Ott's grave. He was the first missionary in Germany, but died after his first month here. We talked a lot about success and how to define it. It's so cool that the small things we do can have a big impact. Something that is even cooler is that God notices all of our efforts, even the small things. Wow I love God, He is so great!

The Venezuelan couple we met last week came to church this week and it was SO COOL. They were able to talk to some members that speak English and some who speak Spanish. Oh my goodness, it made me so happy. All I can say y'all is that God is good and I am SO happy to be a missionary. This is truly the Lord's work and His time is NOW. Don't forget to take a second to look around and see how much His hand is in your life! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Mooring


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