October 14, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Milham

The Strongest Sisters You Ever Did See

*In Grammie's singing voice* Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!! (sorry only fam will know)

HI!! This week was another super duper awesome one!! First off there was a terrorist attack in Halle(next city over), which was no bueno. There was a shooting in a Synagogue and the shooter started coming into Leipzig, but God was protecting us because we were on our way to another Austausch with Jena, in Jena. So God knows!! In Jena, we had to carry a mattress all the way across town so all of us would have something to sleep on and lemme just tell ya people were looking at us funky, but it was funny!! The next morning we got to go to Jenas distriktrat, which was basically half our zone because the zone leaders were there too. The Jena elders travelled back to Leipzig for an Austausch so we all got to do a street display together wahoo!!

On Saturday, we helped some members move to another apartment and get a load of this...they lived on the 4th floor of their building with no elevator so we walked up and down those stairs a million times so I was dead at the end. Oh but it gets better, they then asked us to help them move into their new apartment which was on the 6TH FLOOR. We probably went up about a million stairs. You best believe that me and my companions are as sore as sore can get, we can barely walk. It was all worth it though because now the ward thinks we are super strong and they respect us so booyah!! After the move we got to go to stake conference as well as on Sunday! So it's been a good eventful week!

Fun story: One day when we were on the straße bahn, I was sitting across from this little girl right? Just chilling there while she takes a sip of her drink and then out of no where I'm drenched. Apparently she choked or had a hiccup or something because that water went shooting right at me. I forgot how much I love being in the wet zone...awe sweet serendipity, it's the little things in life:')

For reals though, look for the little things in life! God will give us big blessings, but He also gives us small blessings/miracles everyday!! I know He puts us where we need to be when we need to be there and He will guide us every single day. I LOVE YOU ALL
Sister Mooring<3


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