September 30, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Milham

The Falling Down

Hallo, hi, hola, ahola, bonjour, hej!!

First of all Leipzig, Germany is bumping!! We are thriving out here, really. It's been so busy and crazy which is like the dream for a missionary. We started the week off with some sweet exchanges with the Sisters in Jena wahoo!! I was with Sister Esplin and Sister Randall and we got to go finding for the majority of the super fun. We actually found some awesome people who God put in our path for sure. We also got to do another street display which is always quite an experience but so cool because I get to talk to so many different kind of people!

On Saturday we got to attend the baptism for Andrea, IT WAS THE BEST. You could actually see the light radiating off from her, she was so excited and happy. Oh my goodness it was such a spiritual filled experience. Right after the baptism we got to go to zone conference which was so good:) I got to end the week off with having 3 of our friends come to church with us! President and Sister Leimer showed up to, so it was an awesome Sunday! We are teaching the Gomez family right now and they are AMAZING. They are from Venezuela so only Fidel (the dad) can understand English but the rest of the family only speaks Spanish but it's amazing how quickly they all understand the gospel and what we teach. I'm so excited for what's to come with them!

Okay funny story. So when we were on exchanges Sister Esplin, Sister Randall and I were back at the apartment but then we thought we left the keys downstairs in the entry way. So we open the elevator and Sister Esplin goes in but I'm waiting for Sister Randall and then the elevator starts to close and me and Sister Esplin look at each other in horror not knowing what to do (any missionaries worst nightmare getting separated from companions). At the very last second Sister Esplin gets her hand between the doors and pryes the door open very slowly. So then we all get in the elevator, go out to the entry way of our apartment building, I start following Sister Esplin down the stairs to the door and then the next thing I know I'm flat on the ground. That's right I totally thought there wasn't any more stairs and totally tripped hardcore and pounded on the ground. Good times amiright??

Anywho, the church is true and the book is blue people, dont forget it!
Sister Mooring


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