September 16, 2019


Leipzig, Germany


Sister Esplin and Sister Milham

The Clueless Missionary


That's right I am finally here in the actual mission field!!! It has been so AWESOME!! I am in Leipzig with 2 companions, another trio. Can I get a "partayyy"?! Sister Milham and Sister Esplin are so cool, so cool that they are the sister training leaders. Really they are the best missionaries and just the best people overall. They've taught me so much already. I dont know what's going on here probably like 99-100% of the time but you know what? ITS SO GREAT. I love the people and the culture here so much. Just wait until I can actually talk to the people then wahbam we are in business.

This week I got to do a street display (I was the designated "hallo guten tag" speaker), we taught a few lessons, did some service and some typical missionary stuff. I also got asked to give my testimony in sacrament meeting in GERMAN. Yeah crazy. God really gave me strength to do that and poured the words out of my mouth. WOW GOD IS GOOD. It was so awesome this week to be able to feel the Spirit in lessons even though I didn't know what was being said. It reminds me that the Holy Ghost works in many ways and not only through words, we just have to pay attention.

One day we were waiting with the elders for our bus to come and this man came up super close behind Elder Hernandez and then was like "Do you have a problem?" And then started yelling at Elder Hernandez to get down on his knees. Then he started pretending to punch Elder Hernandez, but because all of this was in German, I didn't know what was going on so I was just sitting there smiling and nodding. HAHA I am so clueless here I love it, it's so funny. but once my companions translated it for me I skrrted out of there real quick.

I'm doing so good here and I'll keep working to get better, I love you all. Dont forget to shine your light!
Sister Mooring


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