September 4, 2019


Provo, Utah MTC


Sister Hancock

Ich Habe Die Twitch!! Week 5

Well I started the week off right, you heard it hear first folks, I ran into a door. I was talking to Elder Christensen and was about to walk out, but I thought someone was holding the door open so I turned my head to look at Elder Christensen and then SMACK I rammed into the door full force. Everyone saw I was so embarrassed!! My companions and I are convinced that because I hit the door so hard that it gave my eye a twitch. No joke, my eye has been twitching out of control for days now. It looks like I'm always mad or irritated 24/7 HAHAHA it's honestly the best I love the looks people give me.
My district did another English fast yesterday because IT'S OUR LAST WEEK. We decided to go hard this week so we will do another English fast tomorrow too!! It's hard to do but makes me excited about going to Germany wahoo!! We had our first TRC with a native this week, that was super awesome! We talked to a couple on their mission in Frankfurt right now, they were super nice but we only got to talk to them for about 15 minutes because of some time issues. It was still way cool though even though she could only see our foreheads...whoops #shorties.

Okay something that was super awesome this week is..drum roll..REVELATION. Personal revelation is SO sweet and makes me feel so close to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Something that I realized this week is that Jesus Christ LIVES for us. How awesome is that?? He lives to carry us through hard times. He lives to give us comfort and joy. He lives for SO many reasons, but He lives because He LOVES us. I would encourage you all to think about why Jesus Christ lives for you and how you can notice it in your life.

I know this church is true!!
Sister Mooring


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