August 28, 2019


Provo, Utah MTC


Sister Hancock

Guten Tag!! Week 4

Guten tag!!

I can't believe that it's already been a week. TIME IS FLYING. I leave for Deustchland in 12 days!!! I love the MTC but I wont lie I'm ready to skrrt out of here. Nothing too crazy happened this week, just classes and devotionals. I'm living the dream wahoo!! My companions and I did an English fast one day and let's just say it was a very quiet peaceful day. I'm going to consider that we do it again. For reals though the language is coming along! It's still really hard but I'm surprised how much I can string together to make a sentence. I know God is the reason I'm able to do that!!

Okay so last night me and the comps were in our room and then Sister Burns said that she would be right back so I thought she was just going to the bathroom. Well I was talking to Sister Hancock and like 30 mins have passed and still no return of Sister Burns. So Sister Hancock and I start looking around, knocking on doors, checking stalls, go on different floors. We look for about a good 15 mins only to find out she was talking in the one room we forgot to knock on. Theres not a point to this story just kind of funny so hoped you enjoyed.

Well well well look who it is...THATS RIGHT FOLKS I FOUND MY GIRL SISTER BOETTCHER. I have been looking forward to this day ever since I got to the MTC and it finally came!! #bestday

Something I learned this week is that we should put our confidence in God and not ourselves because He will never let us down and we can be confident in that. I love you all so much and I know that God loves you even more, so that's like a lot of love!!
Sister Mooring ________________________________________________

A part of the email she sent me with some more info--
I'm SO EXCITED TO SEE HER.(Sis Boettcher--great friend from high school) I've been talking about it alllll week my companions are probably annoyed lol. But we are going to try to see her when she first comes in because her drop off time is at 12:30 and we go to the temple at 1 so we'll hangout and hopefully we can see her before we have to leave!!
My week was pretty good, I got the first vision passed off wahoo!!! One of my teachers(Bruder Moody) left for his internship this week so now we don't have him and it made us sooo sad. He was awesome. We taught a lot of lessons in German this week. I thought I would be way farther in the language then I am right now haha, but also I'm really proud by how much I know! Yesterday we were teaching and had to go off of our lesson because #followthespirit and I was able to ask so many questions and put together a lot of lines so it made me feel super good. Anyways I really love my district too they are pretty awesome I'm gonna miss them, only like 12 more days here and then we are being shipped off!!! SO CRAZY. I can't believe I've been here for about a month its FLYING... but also feels like I've been here for 4 years. :)
Kari Boettcher sent me a pic of her and Jacie. After dropping of their daughter Kira (Sis Boettcher) and after Jacie and Kira met right after Kira received her badge-- Jacie headed to the temple with her district. Kari and Bruce "stalked" her and gave her a big hug and took a pic to send to me!! So awesome! Great memory for Sis Mooring too!


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