August 21, 2019


Provo, Utah MTC


Sister Hancock

Die Deutschen!! Week 3

Well folks, the day came when all the Hungarians and ASL's left from my zone. So now it's just 17 Germans here in our zone BUT GET THIS. We are getting 48 new missionaries in our zone today!! IM SO PUMPED. Being here for 3 weeks now makes me feel super cool. I'm like a pro MTC missionary so I'm excited to help the youngains coming in have the best experience ever!!

This week was filled with so many tender mercies!! It is insane how much you recognize the Lord's hand in your life when you look for it. First of all, my first TRC. That's right people I taught people. I was SO nervous and was stressing out hard core, but when we got into the room and talked to the couple we were teaching it was so awesome. I was able to understand (for the most part) what they were saying and I got the words out that I needed to in order to get my message across. The Holy Ghost really will guide you in your lives if you listen and act.

Yesterday we had our Tuesday night devotional and ELDER DAVID A BEDNAR spoke. Yeah I thought it was pretty cool too. He talked about the Spirit and how we always have the Holy Ghost with us even if we don't recognize it. Our thoughts/feelings are always being influenced which I thought was way awesome. My companions and I were in the choir (who would've thought??) so we were able to sing to Elder Bednar my fav hymn "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE. Not to mention the devotional was being broadcasted to all the other MTC's in the world and your girl Sister Mooring got put up on the screen. So catch me on The Voice 2021.

I know that The Gospel of Jesus Christ is SO TRUE and it can bring true happiness into our lives. God is reaching out to us now and always. I LOVE YOU ALL
Sister Mooring


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