August 7, 2019


Provo, Utah MTC


Sister Burns

HALLO--Week 1

HI EVERYONE!! This week has been so crazy and full of so many different emotions but one thing I know is that I LOVE being a missionary!! The MTC is super awesome and filled to the rim with the spirit!! It's so sweet!! I'm in a trio companionship with Sister Hancock (Oregon) and Sister Burns (Australia) who are super awesome and keep me in line. We all work really well together and help one another grow.

So if you guys know me you know that I stumble over my a lot but it turns out that's basically what German is, a bunch of gibberish!! I sit in class not knowing anything being said but I just laugh because it's so funny. For reals though I am having a hard time with the language so far but I know some basics and with God I can do it! The Gift of Tongues is so real though and the Lord is TOTALLY looking out for me. My teachers are Bruder Moody, Schwester Ingalls and Schwester Nelson. SISTER NELSON (used to be Wood) WAS MY MINISTERING COMPANION BEFORE THE MISSION WHAT?!?! God knows!! Basically my day consists of study, eat, class repeat. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it but ya know it's definitely an adjustment:)

Okay funny story. Last night Sister Hancock noticed there was a piece of gum on her bunk bed so naturally I asked her what the odds were of her licking it. She didn't really want to do it especially when she realized that it was hairy, but Sister Burns didn't know the game What are the Odds soooo I may have tweaked it a little bit (hehe) and long story short I made Sister Burns lick the hairy gum stuck on the bed. Probably my best accomplishment here so far.

GOD IS SO AWARE OF US. I have had so many instances where I have had the Holy Ghost confirm this to me. Every day there are tender mercies if you look for them. PRAY AND READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY. Make time for it because it will give you so much strength and it will change your life..literally.

Sister Mooring


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