September 6, 2016


Live Oak Canyon Ward


Sister Grace Crossett

Live Oak Canyon is on fire!!

Yokwe im Aloooooooooooha!!This week started with a bang! Wednesday morning we woke up to sirens, and 31 helicopters had flown over by the end of studies. (actually it was probably more like 3 helicopters, but they circled over a lot of times) We texted some of our leaders to find out what was going on and there was a large wildfire in the canyon. Fortunately it didn't come near any houses or anything, but there were firetrucks and helicopters everywhere for several days. (you could probably find news about it - Holy Jim Canyon) But it didn't stop the work!! :) Though we did stop in a parking lot and take some pics...

Thursday we had MLC, and it was very inspiring. Pres Galland talked about desires, and used " 1 Nephi 11:1 to explain that Nephi had enough desire and faith to believe, ponder, and ask. He trusted God's promise that if we knock, the door will open. So what are our deepest desires? What do we want soooo much that we would be willing to work for it, to believe, to ask, even to ask over and over again? Do we even know what we want? Is our utmost desire to become like Heavenly Father? My prayers have really changed as I have been pondering these questions. We also had an amazing training on using our area books (a big binder we have with all the info about our area, people we work with, things we've taught, etc.) more effectively. Sis Lockhart and I made a commitment to keep ours more accurately updated and so far we've been doing super well and I really think it's helping us keep track of our progress and focus on those righteous desires. It's a lot like keeping a journal - something I remember hating lessons about in young womens. ;) But once you start, it becomes a way of finding awareness of your goals, seeing your progress, recording the steps and challenges along the way, and capturing the joys and smiles that come as we keep going! I really have gained a strong testimony of journaling. The more we record all the blessings we are given, the more we begin to notice them.... and that is a beautiful miracle.

Saturday we had a little miracle. We finally got in contact with a part-member family, the Smiths, who we have been trying to talk to for a long time! They were soooo nice and they invited us back! We even got to share a short message. I am so excited to work with them :)

Then, Sunday, a less-active we have been trying to talk to for a long time, Sis Mathis, showed up at church! She has had a lot of challenges in her family recently and she wanted to start changing things. She invited us to come see them this week! So many miracles!

Other than that, the most exciting news of the week is that I'm TRAINING AGAIN!!!! Sis Lockhart is headed to Laguna Beach haha. So I will be joined by a brand new missionary this afternoon. I will tell you all about her next time!I love y'all soooo much!!!
Sister Heather Bambas
California Irvine Mission
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