May 31, 2016


Laguna Beach Ward


Sister Hannah Rolfson

Nothing Shall Be Impossible


All I have to report this week is that yesterday was the best p-day ever!!!! We helped the "A" family move to Dana Point, so sadly they won't be in our ward anymore, but it was so fun! The elders and us helped them unload the truck at their new house and everyone pitched in, even Dominic helped with some pillows and toys :) Casten was a huge help carrying all the little boxes as we took the bulkier furniture up the stairs to their new home. It really is a perfect little house for them and we are so happy that they are going to be in a great ward with more kids their ages and they found a great place for their family and they are so happy to start again! We got that truck unloaded and stuff up the stairs in 50 minutes flat. Beat that. ;)

Then, yesterday evening we had a lesson with Morgan, a 13-year-old young woman whose mom is a member. We've only had one or two lessons with her before, but she loves Georgie and came to her baptism and sat with us and really felt the spirit and love that were there.........and Morgan is now getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO! :D We are so excited for her. We had a great lesson with some other young women last night (at the Glade's home) and had a recent convert young woman, Abby, there who just moved into our ward and is 12. So it was a crazy fun group and we talked about tithing and the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end) of Christ. The girls had some great insights and Morgan showed us just how much faith she had when she commented that if we paid tithing first, even if we didn't have enough money, that God would help us figure it out. She is a super cool girl :) It will be another crazy week for us here in Laguna Beach as we plan this baptism! It's incredible to see how the faith of the members in the ward really brings miracles every day.

Which brings me to my spiritual thought for the week:When we face something tough, a challenge that doesn't go away, a trial that seems "impossible," that's when we have to take action. As we just simply keep going, keep acting the best we can, even though we are imperfect, even though we are weak, even though we mess up, it is enough with the Lord. As we follow His plan for us and as we trust in Him, then every little step we take will be magnified to what He needs it to be. We need to have faith, we need to have focus, we need to see things His way rather than ours, and we need to have the courage to act. But as we do, He will act with us. Every step of the way. "Where the Lord plants us, there we are to stand. " - Lorenzo Snow. I read this talk by Russell M. Nelson this week called "With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible." Great talk! Go read it!

Sorry I didn't have time for more this week! I love y'all!
Sister Heather Bambas
California Irvine Mission
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