January 19, 2016


Laguna Beach Ward


Sister Matavai Siaosi

hey ever'body!

Ok this will have to be a quickie because I have extremely limited time today, sorry! This week was pretty cool! We had a great experience in the zone this week doing what we call "Zone 24's." Basically the whole zone exchanged with someone else in the zone for 24 hours. Sis Shumway came and spent a day with me in LB (Laguna Beach) and we had a great time! She gave me some wonderful new ideas for dinner messages and how to help members we visit do missionary work. She has compiled a really cool variety of resources for working with members that I am now adding to. 

There was only one sad part of the exchange: we took a quick visit to our investigator, Sam, and he had clearly been smoking A LOT and so we made it very short (the air was thick) and encouraged him to keep reading and praying and we set a time to come back for an actual lesson. It was sad to see that he is really struggling with the Word of Wisdom, but we are trying to build his faith and with a lot of prayers, it will all work out!

Yesterday was a kinda crazy p-day. We didn't get to email because the libraries were closed, but we spent almost 4 hours at the park with the zone playing soccer, Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, you name it! It was so fun!!!

Last night we went to go see our potential investigator, Kim. She was really sick this weekend and had to cancel our appointment, so we brought her a little gift to help her feel better :) She was so happy to see us, and we have a lesson today so hopefully all goes well!! Keep her in your prayers and I will tell you more about her later.
I'm sorry I don't have more time today but I love you!
Sister Heather Bambas
California Irvine Mission
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