December 14, 2015


Newport Hills


Sister Bauer & Sister Van Den Bron

goodbye Newport!

I'm getting transferred tomorrow! I'm kinda nervous since it's my first time, but super excited for a new adventure! I've spent a great 6 months in Newport Hills, and I'll be sad to leave, but there are wonderful things ahead. The way our mission does transfers, I won't know where I'm going or who I will be with until tomorrow at transfer meeting, but I do know that Sister Bauer and Sister van den Bron will be training a new sister here in Newport!! I'm going to be a grandma! ;) (Since Heather trained those 2, she is considered their "mother" so now that they are going to train a new sister, she will be the new sister's "grandma.")

Last Saturday we had our Newport Hills ward Christmas party, and then last night we had a stake Christmas Concert, complete with a brass quartet and a beautiful bell choir. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone I love here all weekend, and I have a few more goodbyes tonight. But it was a lot of fun, too! Scott was Santa Claus for the kids after the party, and he absolutely loved it :) lol we took a picture with him all dressed up and I'll try to send it later. Then we had 3 investigators come with us to the concert, including Pilar. I will be so sad to say goodbye to Pilar tonight, but I know I'll visit soon for her baptism! The stake did an incredible job with the concert, and it was themed "White Christmas," like the movie. Most impressive, I think, was the saxophone solo of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

Speaking of Christmas, I have really been thinking lately about Christmas gifts. I can't really remember that many that I have ever received, honestly. I mean, the big ones I remember. I remember when my parents gave me a flute, and a scooter, and Christmas Eve pajamas every year. But I think more importantly, I remember the ones that I have given. The time and thought and love that go into them. Like when I was like 12 and decided I was going to learn to knit and make my dad a scarf. I think it ended up only being like a foot long when I gave up lol. But he made me feel so happy, telling me how wonderful a present it was. I remember similarly when my sister gave me a half finished dress she tried to sew. I don't think she ever actually finished it, but I do remember feeling special and loved, knowing that she had put a lot of time and effort into learning how to do it and working on it. Then I remember a couple years ago when it was around the end of November and I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink, and I remember my mom saying something about how she would really just like a new sink faucet because it kept breaking. So I excitedly got my dad to take me to Lowes', and we picked out a new faucet and got it for her. (Pretty sure he actually paid for most of that one lol it was a little out of my teenage budget) But I remember how happy and full of joy I was when I got to bring that present out for her. I was just so happy to get her something that showed her I was listening and something she would appreciate.

So my question this week is: What is your favorite thing you have ever given someone for Christmas? What will you give this year?

Remember this Christmas that the reason we give is to remember what Heavenly Father and Christ gave us. I know that a Savior was born, and that His gift was an unmatchable act of love. <a href="">Discover why</a> He matters to you.

I love you all so very much!! Merry Christmas!
Sister Heather Bambas
California Irvine Mission
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